Beginner's guide: 5 week

We rock our back: advice for beginners

Behind us we have the first month of training under the freshman's guide program for a set of muscle mass. We got acquainted with the technique of five basic exercises, increased caloric intake and the number of correct carbohydrates in it, and also studied the basic sports supplements for muscle growth.

The second month of training will be devoted to the complex development of the back muscles - the most important muscle group of the body. It is the strong back that gives the impetus for the growth of the musculature of the body: the shoulders, pectoral muscles, hands and even the press. And it is the back that is the most problematic zone for beginners.

The best technique for developing the widest back muscles. How quickly from scratch to learn to pull on the crossbar?

Why is it difficult to pump your back?

To divide muscles into certain groups can be a pathologist at autopsy, but not at all a real person in training. It is impossible to involve the musculature of the back of the back without involving the shoulders, hands( beginning with the biceps, ending with the forearms), pectoral muscles and muscles-stabilizers of the spine.

However, in the life of the back muscles are used little - try to remember at least one everyday movement, similar to pull-ups. Sedentary lifestyle and computer only aggravate the situation. As a result, a person loses the ability to consciously control the muscles of the back, shifting the load on his hands.

Tightening for the development of the body

Weak back muscles do not allow the beginner to involve them in work even in typical exercises - in pull-ups a habit is developed to rise upwards by jerky movements due to the muscles of the hands, and in the deadlift and draft of the bar to the belt, the whole body is turned on, butnot the widest back muscles.

The program for the first month of the "Beginner's Guide" consisted of 10 pull-ups as the first exercise. Honestly, did you either miss them, or did the exercise "somehow"?It's time to correct mistakes and learn to pull yourself right. This is really important for the development of the body.

The correct technique of pull-ups

An exercise where newcomers are advised to learn to "feel" the muscles of their back is the thrust of the upper sitting block - an analogue of pull-ups performed on the simulator. Moderate working weight, slow speed of execution and attention to the movement mechanics will quickly show a noticeable result.

The key moment of the technique when carrying out the thrust of the upper block is the position of the hands and the starting position, in which the palms must necessarily lie on the crossbar from above. Especially note that the thumb should also be on top - this will transfer the load from the hand to the musculature of the back.

Back muscles stretching

The effectiveness of back training increases with pre-warm-up and stretching. This allows you to "feel" the back by activating the mental connection between the muscles and the brain. Do the two exercises below at the beginning of the training, 1-2 minutes each.

Exercises for stretching the muscles of the back

Lie down on the floor with your belly down, put a towel curled under your forehead. Pull your arms forward and stretch the press. Slowly and consciously pull your hands to yourself, while reducing the blades as much as possible together. Try to feel that the movement is made at the expense of the back muscles.

Exercises for stretching the muscles of the back

Standing on your knees, straight hands easily hold the rubber band. Slowly and consciously take your hands down to the point where they become level with the body. Experiment - try to first feel the muscles of the hands, then the shoulders. In the end, try to "straighten" the back to feel the broadest.

Involving the back in the basic exercises

The back muscles participate in work in all the basic exercises - from the deadlift to the bench press lying down. Try to feel the tension of the back musculature during each of the exercises. If you do not get it, then you use too much working weight.

At the same time, the key exercise is the rod pull in the slope - in fact, this is the "reverse" analogue of the bench press lying, which involves the muscles-antagonists. Pay special attention to the technique of this exercise and watch closely that the muscles are lifted by the muscles of the back, rather than the hands.

Training program: 5 week

Before starting the main workout, first do a light workout, then the above exercises for warming up your back, then - three sets of traction of the upper block with moderate weight. When performing the main exercises, always make sure that the back is involved in the work.

  • Backgammon
  • Top-end traction - 3 x 20-25
  • Sit-ups with barbell - 3 x 7-9
  • Stand-up bar press - 3 x 7-9
  • Deadlift - 3 x 7-9
  • Traction rod rod - 3 x7-9
  • Bench Press Rod - 3 x 7-9


The development of the back muscles is a key moment in building muscle mass and creating a sports body. Successful training begins with a warm-up of the back and adjustment of the neuromuscular connection, and continues with a constant sensation of involving the back musculature in each of the exercises.