Vegan or meat eater?

What is a blood group diet?

A blood type diet is the assumption of the best diet for each of the four blood groups put forward by Peter D'Adamo in his book. Recommendations vary from strict vegetarianism for group II blood to meat paleodieta for group I.

Modern scientific evidence suggests that the appointment of a universal diet for the blood group is erroneous and can not reflect the actual enzymatic and endocrine activity of a particular person( 1).In other words, the blood group diet is just a myth.

Why is the pineapple diet, the Montignac diet and the theory of separate nutrition unscientific and meaningless? Diets that do not work.

What is the logic of this diet?

The blood group diet divides all people into four types: "hunters" with blood group 0( I), "farmers" - A( II), "nomads" - B( III) and mixed type - AB( IV).It is alleged that the blood group does not depend on the diet and human health, but also on its physique and even mentality.

"Hunters" are classified as mesomorphs, endowed with increased stress resistance and strong immunity, impaired by the use of gluten and cereals."Farmers" are described by hysterical people, able to get rid of stress through a complete rejection of meat.

How did the diet for the blood group?

Peter D'Adamo claims that his theory is built on the centuries-old observations of the Japanese, connecting the temperament and blood group. The link to research in his book is not given, nor is it said about the basis on which the author shares specific products on the bad and good.

It is important to note that Peter D'Adamo does not possess any scientific degrees and is not a practicing doctor. The theory of the connection between diet and blood group, invented and described by him in the book, is an exclusively private opinion based on a comparison of facts, but not on science.

Weight loss by blood group: scientific opinion

In an analysis of all available scientific papers( about 1500) on the relationship between the blood group and health, 16 studies directly talked about the relationship with nutrition and only 1 work showed that a low-fat diet may reducebad cholesterol in some people( 2).

At the moment there is no scientific study proving the relationship between a diet for the blood group, weight loss or better health( 3).Moreover, even the author himself very carefully talks about the effect of the diet on weight loss, mentioning modest figures of 3-4 kg.

Why does the diet work?

The truth is that the recommendations described in the book "4 blood groups - 4 ways of life" are healthy by default. The author recommends to give up white flour and gluten, soda, sweet, fat. The positive influence of yoga and meditation is described in detail.

Even "meat-eaters" with blood group 0( I) are recommended to use exclusively bio-meat, free from hormones and antibiotics. Simplified tables of permitted and forbidden products, which can be found on the Internet, are very far from the tips of the book.

Diet for the blood group - tables

It is important to share the recommendations of nutrition on the blood group from Peter D'Adamo and the anonymous compatibility tables of products in the form of "can" or "impossible", published on questionable sites. The original book divides each group of blood into 6-7 types with individual recommendations.

In addition to the differences between "secretors"( people who contain information about the blood group in saliva) and "non-secretaries," D'Adamo argues that representatives of the European, Asian and African genetic group must eat differently even when the blood group coincides.

Final opinion of

Although the theory of the relationship between diet and blood group has not been confirmed by science, Peter D'Adamo's book is definitely capable of directing a person to a healthy diet. The main thing is not to treat his recommendations as a final law, which must always be observed.

If you are trying to lose weight, just downloaded on the Internet food tables for the blood group - this is definitely an error that can lead to unpredictable results. Remember that to effectively get rid of excess weight you need to understand the basic physiology.


A blood group diet recommending meats for the I blood group, strict vegetarianism for group II and moderate for others not confirmed by scientific research. If there is a link between the blood group and the optimal diet, it is not so simple.

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