How to properly bicep?

Tips for the correct technique of

The most important thing in properly pumping biceps is to learn how to feel it. If you do not feel his work, then, with a high probability, you perform the exercise with the muscles of the back, shoulders and wrists.

In addition, in this case, the effectiveness of training is reduced to almost zero, constantly increasing the working weight and lifting the bar due to movement of the whole body, creates a great risk of injury to the joints.

Training rules for effective biceps pumping? The best exercises for rapid growth of the mass of the biceps.

Do you feel biceps?

One of the easiest ways to understand if you feel the biceps is to try to strain it without involving the other muscles of the hand. To do this, sit at the table, stretch your hands in front of you palms up, relax all the muscles, and try to strain the bicep.

Do not be surprised if you can not do it - not only beginners, but also those who have long been training, forget about the constant muscle control. In order to feel the muscle, you must necessarily train the neuron-muscle connection.

How to feel your biceps?

To feel the biceps, you must first get fatigued - and this will help you repeatedly perform almost any exercise( for example, lifting a dumbbell or barbell biceps) with an average weight.

When you fail, then lower the projectile, then bend your arm, trying to touch the forearm of the shoulder, and try to strain the bicep. Achieve that you strain him, then straighten your arm, and try to strain your bicep again.

Secrets of the exercise technique on the biceps

Remember that during the execution of any exercise on the biceps, this muscle must necessarily be tense. Moreover, the work should include only one, and not the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders or any other.

Ensure that the movement of the body does not help lifting the weight. In addition, it is important to fix the position of the elbows at one point, without pressing them to the body - they should always be on weight. The elbow itself should go forward by 10-15 cm beyond the body line.

The most effective exercise

The structure of the biceps and the points of its attachment are extremely individual, respectively, for each trainee there is its most effective exercise, in which the biceps are laid out one hundred percent.

Most often, isolation exercises( for example, concentrated hand flexions) work more on volume, while lifting a barbell or standing dumbbells affect, to a greater extent, the increase in muscle strength.


Do not forget that the work on the muscles of the hands is not mandatory. If you are training in a basic program to increase the mass, you do not need to train. In the first few months they will grow without additional burden.