Home Gym


pull-up bar The presence of an ordinary pull-up bar allows you to perform many exercises on all the muscles of the body. Remember that in addition to the pull-ups themselves, you can use the crossbar to attach additional sports equipment.

First, the bar can serve as the basis for the attachment of TRX belts;second, for a small boxing pear;thirdly - for the rings. In addition, on the bar, the most effective exercise for the muscles of the press is performed - the legs are raised in the vise.

2. TRX belts

The TRX belt consists of a base element of a flat shape and a handle or a wrist strap at the end;material - nylon composite. TRX loops allow for a complex training consisting of various exercises performed with body weight.

This type of functional training is called Suspension training , which can be translated as "suspension training".The main advantages of TRX: improved coordination of movements, development of the muscles of the bark( shell), increase of practical strength.

3. Collapsible dumbbells

The availability of collapsible dumbbells allows you to perform at home all the basic exercises of the basic program for muscle growth: squats, belt pull, dumbbell presses, dumbbell bench presses and even the variation of deadlift.

The main disadvantage of such dumbbells is that their maximum weight is not that great, and most often does not exceed 10 kg. If you want to perform exercises with a lot of weight, then you can buy weights, which can weigh up to 30 kg.

4. Roller for the

press Frankly, home-made press training does not require sophisticated training equipment or a torsion bar - the most effective exercises, such as leg lifts or "vacuum in the stomach", can be performed without special equipment.

However, the roller for the press can be a good addition for training the muscles of the abdomen. Twisting with it is much more effective than usual - let's remind that this exercise is among the top ten most effective for the press.


rowing machine As a home simulator for cardio, the rowing machine wins the classic bike, ellipsoid and treadmill for two reasons: firstly, it is much more compact, and, secondly, it is much more functional.

Training on a rowing machine is useful not only for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body, but also for the muscles of the upper half of the body - first of all, the back, the shoulder complex and the hands, usually not active with cardio training.

6. Pear for boxing

Home pears for boxing are divided into several categories: traditional pear-bags( heavy bags ), stand-alone pears( free-standing systems ), and small pear-drops( speed bags ) and pears fixed on both sides( double-ended bags ).

Beginners should start with the so-called "high-speed pears"( Speed ​​Bags ), serving to train the reaction and coordination reflexes. However, remember that these pears should be fixed motionless, and training requires fighting gloves.

7. Massage roller

Foam Roller - elastic roller of foam, sometimes called "massage roller" or "cylinder for yoga and pilates", is extremely useful for training muscle stabilizers and for massage,
accelerating recovery.

Massage rollers come in a variety of sizes, their shape can be either cylindrical or semi-cylindrical, the surface - both smooth and with special elements, allowing to perform massage of increased intensity.


The presence of a home for a pull-up bar, TRX belts, lightweight collapsible dumbbells and a pair of heavy weights will allow for a full strength training. Rowing simulator and high-speed pear for boxing, in turn, will be excellent means for warm-up.