How to include muscle growth?

How to make muscles grow after training?

During training, the body( and especially the muscles) replenishes the energy needs of glycogen. Glycogen accumulates in the muscles and liver, and is a derivative of glucose - its reserves are replenished when consuming carbohydrates.

That's why you need to take carbohydrates before and after training - after all, only in this way will you provide optimal muscle nutrition for growth. But it is important to remember that a sauna and a cold shower affect the protein synthesis and recovery in different ways.

What is a carbohydrate window?

After training, the body needs to regain strength, and all calories consumed within half an hour after the force load go to the growth of muscle tissue. If during this period the body does not receive energy from outside, it will start burning existing muscles.

It is these half an hour called "carbohydrate window" - it is understood that fast carbohydrates are the best choice for fast energy production( most often it is sugars and starch).The recommended amount is about 60 g.

Protein for muscle growth

In addition to carbohydrates, the body needs protein. Its best source is amino acids, which are also quickly absorbed. You can use them both in liquid form and in the form of capsules( for example, BCAA) - the rate of assimilation is approximately the same.

Protein from a protein cocktail is absorbed longer, so it is better to consume cocktails before training. But if there is no possibility to take amino acids after training, then the protein cocktail is better than nothing at all.

Harm to the sauna for muscle recovery

Studies have shown that the synthesis of glycogen, and, consequently, the process of muscle repair, significantly slows down at a temperature above 30 degrees. In other words, the sauna after training is not the best choice.

These same studies say that the temperature below room temperature, achieved, for example, by a cold shower is the best option after training. This temperature accelerates the synthesis of glycogen and the restoration of muscles.

The use of the cold shower

In addition, it is proved that washing your face with cold water immediately after training is also very useful. First, heart rate slows down, and secondly, blood pressure is normalized.

In addition, the oxygen content of the blood increases, as well as its availability for muscle tissue, which is important for rapid transportation of nutrients for optimal recovery after classes.


If you do not want the training to go to waste, abandon the sauna or other methods of warming up, and replace them with a cold shower, which significantly improves the body's condition and speeds up recovery.