Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz

  • Date of birth: March 15, 1985
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • The most famous films: "Twilight", "War of the Worlds: Immortals", "Hercules: The Beginning of the Legend".

Body, like the god

Kellan Lutz, who became widely known after filming in the movie "Twilight", is considered one of the most promising actors in Hollywood. Due to his physical form, he regularly leads the ratings of the sexiest young movie stars.

Powerful muscles and an acting press of the actor are ideal for screen incarnations of ancient Greek gods - Kellan has already played both Hercules and Poseidon. Note that in reality, the Greek gods were indeed portrayed as muscular.

Ideal press

Kellan Lutz: "I had six older brothers, one of them was a Marine, which gave me an excellent example to follow. From an early age I was engaged not only in power training, but also martial arts and various kinds of extreme sports "(1).

"As a child, I never attached much importance to my physique, and did not consider my main pride - the press cubes. I've always been athletic. I remember, about 12 years I accidentally tucked up a T-shirt, exposing my stomach. All the girls then whispered: "This is the press. ..".

Kellan Lutz Training Program

Kellan Lutz: "The main thing I avoid in my training is monotony. I'm tired of repeating the same actions and movements. That's why I'm not particularly fond of running on a treadmill, preferring to swim or play actively with a dog. "

"For the same reason, I do not have a specific training program - I like to vary the different exercises depending on my mood. Most of the time, I do either in the open air, or in a circular training program with a barbell and a bag of sand. "

The best muscle growth strategy for

Richard McDonald, Kellan Lutz's personal training: "There are many obsolete training programs that divide the body into small and medium muscle groups. I think this is a fundamentally wrong approach, and the body needs to be trained as a single tool. "

"The key points I use in training my clients are high-intensity workouts for fat burning and enhanced relief, as well as comprehensive training programs that work out all major muscle groups in one session."

Exercises of

Kellan Lutz: "I like to overcome the barriers of physical abilities of my body, becoming stronger and stronger. I can not live without activity and powerful training. I always need drive, movement, muscle work. "

" I never repeat my workouts twice. Every time we together with my trainer come up with something new. He makes me run around with a bag of sand and jump from place to place on tall boxes. Richard is a tough coach, but that's how I want to train. "

Training for the relief

This program is used by the actor to work out the relief of muscles and to activate the work of metabolism. One cycle of the program is described below, in total three to four such cycles are performed without interruption. Before and after training - 10 minutes of slow running( 2).

  • 20 push-ups
  • 5 minutes of fast running( 80% of the maximum heart rate)
  • 10 attacks on each leg
  • 5 minutes of fast running( 80% of the SPE)

Roman with Miley Cyrus

In January of this year, there were rumors in the press that KellanLutz meets with 21-year-old Miley Cyrus( Miley Cyrus), known for provocative video clips for his songs Wrecking Ball and Adore You. Within a month Kellan and Miley appeared in public several times together.

However, if sources from Miley confirm the fact of the novel's existence with the phrase "She uses it exclusively for sex," Kellan's press agent denies in every way that there is more than the usual friendship between young celebrities( 3).


The star of Hollywood blockbusters, Kellan Lutz, who has a classic exemplary physique of the mesomorph, does not just play sports, he lives a truly sporting life. This is the secret of his physical form.

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