Rules of healthy sleep

How to learn to sleep properly?

The habit of sleeping for many years in the wrong posture or the ability to fall asleep exclusively in front of the TV on the couch are serious problems that need to be addressed. It is likely that in the early days the correct pose for sleep will seem to you extremely uncomfortable, but gradually you will get used to it.

When choosing the right( and comfortable) sleep position, first make sure that the mattress and pillow are matched correctly. After that, go to sleep testing on the back - if such a dream, even with two small pillows( under your knees and lower back), does not seem comfortable, go to sleep on your side.

Seven typical things and activities that worsen the posture and make the figure curve and unsporting. What spoils the posture?

Which side is better to sleep on?

Sleep on the side and on the back - choose the right pillow

If you sleep on your side or on your back, you need a not too high pillow and a mattress that can take the shape of the body and absorb the load.

Sleep on the side - one of two recommended sleep positions, suitable for almost any person. However, the important role is played by which side you sleep on. Sleeping on the right side can provoke heartburn, whereas sleep on the left side reduces the production of acid in the stomach and is useful for reflux disease.

The most proper position of the hands when sleeping on the side is stretching them along the body. Putting your hands under the pillow you can provoke as pain in the neck, and an unpleasant feeling of numbness. If you do not hold your arms out, then hug the second small pillow.

How to sleep properly?

Despite the fact that sleep on the stomach helps digestion and can get rid of snoring, the habit of sleeping in this position provokes pain in the neck and back. Bending one of the legs in the knee and putting your hand under your head, you aggravate the situation - the spine warps, and the muscles of the neck and shoulders are stretched.

  1. Air the bedroom .The air in the bedroom should be fresh and slightly cool, and the room for sleeping is dark and without sources of bright white light( for example, energy-saving lamps).The habit of lying before bed in bed with a laptop or the presence of a TV in the bedroom are the main causes of chronic insomnia.
  2. Invest money in the mattress. Since we spend one third of our life in a dream, it is extremely important to use this time in the best possible way. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed with an old, squashed mattress significantly reduces your strength - do not skimp on your health and buy an orthopedic mattress.
  3. Choose the right pillow .The main criterion for choosing a pillow is your preferred sleeping posture. If you sleep on your back, then you will be fine, if on the side - higher. However, the pillow itself must be made of synthetic materials, since natural fluff accumulates dust and bacteria.
  4. Do not deceive your body with the bright light of .Bright white light from the screen of a mobile phone, computer or TV tells the body that in the yard - the height of the day and not the time to rest. To improve the quality of sleep and fall asleep more quickly, you need at least an hour before going to bed to put the smartphone aside.
  5. Be careful with sleeping pills .If the whole day you drink coffee, and in the evening "turn off" yourself a powerful sleeping pill, then you should think about the habits. Limit caffeine intake, and as a hypnotic, use OTC over melatonin - it is not addictive and does not give a foggy feeling in the morning.

Best sleep position

Sleep in the wrong position warps the spine and can cause chronic pain in the neck and lower back. It can also cause headaches, temporary respiratory depression during sleep( apnea), heartburn and stomach pain. Not to mention superficial sleep, nightmares and snoring.

Except for those people who have trouble breathing and snoring, sleeping on their backs is a priority for sleeping. It is in this position that the spine is in the most neutral position, which helps the body to effectively restore strength.

Extra pillows

Extra pillows for sleeping

Small pillows make sleep more comfortable. The pillow sandwiched between the legs is recommended when sleeping on the side, and the pillow under the knees - with a dream on the back.

The use of small pillows significantly improves any posture during sleep. If you are sleeping on your back, use a medium pillow placed under the knees( it will help keep the pelvis in a more comfortable position), as well as a very small and flat pillow, placed under your waist.

The cushion sandwiched between your legs will help make sleep on your side more comfortable. Those who still prefer to sleep on their stomachs and can not sleep in another position, it is recommended to put a medium-sized pillow under the lower abdomen - this will significantly reduce the burden on the spine.


Doctors do not recommend sleeping on the stomach, as this causes pain in the neck and back. The most useful for restoring the strength of the body is a dream on the back with additional pillows under the knees and lower back, as well as sleep on the side with a small pillow sandwiched between the legs.