How to choose a trimmer?

What is a trimmer?

Trimmer is a special electric razor that allows you to trim and trim the hair on the face and body. Men's trimmers differ from female epilators primarily in that they have an adjustable nozzle, allowing you to set the desired length of hair - usually from 0.5 to 10 mm.

There are various models of trimmers - hair clippers, for trimming beards, for vegetation on the body and for hair in the nose. Most devices are multifunctional. Also, some models of conventional electric shavers can act as trimmers for the beard.

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Trimmer for beard or body?

When choosing a trimmer, first of all it is necessary to determine the boundaries of its use. If you plan to trim the hair on the body, but not on the face, you can use any basic model with minimal adjustment functions, since the length of the hair in this case does not play a big role.

If you need a trimmer for your beard and mustache, then without the possibility of fine tuning( regulation in millimeters) and without a nozzle for contouring, you will have difficulty. Note here that almost any beard trimmer can be successfully used for hair on the body.

Additional functions of

The typical additional functions of trimmers include the ability to clip wet hair( which is important for those who first shaves their cheeks, then trims the hair on the chin and mustache), a round hair clip in the nose and ears, and the ability to trimHair on one's head.

Speaking of hair cutting on the head, it is important to mention that this operation is extremely difficult to do alone - even if you just want to cut your hair very short, it will be difficult to do this with a mirror. Any other person will carry out this operation faster and more successfully.

Body trimmer

When choosing a body trimmer, first of all, pay attention to the width of the clip for the haircut - models with a wide nozzle will be much more convenient to use. The device itself should sit comfortably in your hand and do not slip out - pay attention to the slightly ribbed and rubberized surface.

Battery capacity, charging speed, the ability to work directly from the electrical outlet and the length of the cord also play a role. The cheaper models of body trim tabs, functioning from finger batteries, are usually not recommended - these batteries will often have to be changed.

Care for the

Since the trimmer is primarily a system of mechanical knives, cutting hair, it is important to remember that periodically these blades will have to be cleaned or even oiled. Expensive and high-quality models can usually be washed under running water, and they do not need lubricating with engine oil.

The presence of a charging station does not always play a positive role for the battery life, as it is constantly in the recharging mode. If you want to use the trimmer for many years, develop the habit of first emptying the battery to zero, then fully recharge it.

How to choose a trimmer: recommendations

  1. A trimmer with a narrow nozzle width is suitable primarily for beard cutting and trimming of the mustache. If you plan to use a hair trimmer on the body, the wide nozzle will be much more practical and convenient to use.
  2. The possibility of precise for adjusting the height of the shaving head( and, correspondingly, the length of the cut hair) is a function important for hair cutting on the face, but not so critical for vegetation on the body.
  3. Trimmers powered by finger batteries are more suitable for periodic hair trimming on the face on a work trip or on vacation. If you plan to use the device daily, the model with the built-in battery is preferable.
  4. The lifetime of the trimmer is affected not only by the quality of the battery and its correct use, but also by the quality of the mechanical knife .It is important to remember that some models of trim tabs should be periodically lubricated with engine oil.


Trimmer for trimming the hair on the body and cutting the beard - an accessory that is necessary for almost every man. Choosing the best model, pay attention to the function of nozzle adjustment, as well as the ability to work directly from an electrical cord.


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