Nitric oxide and muscle growth

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide( II) - NO or Nitric Oxide - a substance with a high penetrating ability, capable of initiating the formation and growth of new blood vessels. In most cases, it occurs in the form of gas that affects the respiratory tract.

Advertising sports nutrition, and mentioning this most nitrogen oxide, the manufacturer, of course does not mean that it is contained there. It is often meant that the composition of the product can enhance the internal production of nitric oxide.

What are pre-training complexes and how do they increase the effectiveness of strength training and accelerate muscle growth?

Nitric Oxide and Muscle Growth

Advertising sports nutrition that increases blood NO levels promises such positive effects as increased muscle volume, the drawing of veins and increased strength. All this, according to advertising, is achieved by increasing the flow of blood into the muscles.

This is partly true, and nitrogen oxide is really capable of enhancing both the blood flow and the number of blood vessels. But there is no confirmed data that these processes lead to a tangible increase in muscle tissue.

L-arginine as a nitrogen dispenser

Manufacturers of sports nutrition claim in advertising that the amino acid L-Arginine causes a significant increase in the production of the body of nitric oxide. It is important to note that there is no direct evidence for this assurance.

Studies, which are referred to by manufacturers, consisted of intravenous administration of L-Arginine to rats. Firstly, it is difficult to say whether the process is similar in humans, and secondly, this amino acid is destroyed in the stomach, and in general is poorly absorbed.

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Pre-training energy additives

Most pre-training power engineers such as Nitrix or NO-Xplode promise a dramatic increase in muscle strength and endurance due to nitric oxide, as well as due to the "magic" forms of creatine with no sugar in the composition.

The manufacturer keeps silent that the composition includes molecularly altered D-glucose, the huge content of which causes a significant increase in the level of insulin, which, in turn, really increases the visibility of the veins.

How do pre-training complexes work?

The apparent effect is not due to miraculous L-Arginine, but to physical exertion and increased insulin levels. In addition, do not forget about the usual creatine, which is responsible for increasing muscle volume.

In addition, the composition includes natural amphetamines( analogues of the hormone adrenaline), huge doses of caffeine and vitamin D. Of course, all this has some effect, but it has an extremely bad effect on the health of the body.


L-Arginine, most likely, does not affect its production of nitric oxide in the body. The effectiveness of products with its addition is due to the energy contained in them, exhausting the body. There is no doubt that ordinary creatine is better and safer.