Presents for men

Ideas for sports gifts for men

Show this article to your girlfriend - believe me, at least 3 times a year she puzzles for weeks about what to give to you. The search for the perfect masculine birthday present, February 23 and New Year turns for her into a real test of creativity.

Having a hobby does not always facilitate the task of choice, since it is likely that all the necessary hobbies for a man already exist. Gifts in the form of an erotic massage or a romantic dinner can be a universal way out - however, not every time.

The main tips for face care and the top three brands of cleansers specifically for men.

What NOT to give to a guy

The first place in the rating of useless gifts can easily take perfume. If a man constantly uses toilet water, his preferences are formed and guessing them is not always easy. Compare this with if you received a gift of decorative cosmetics as a gift.

An unsuccessful gift can also be home fitness products( dumbbells, push-ups, press rolls).The chance that they will collect dust on the mezzanine is close to 90% - the only exception are those guys who are already doing sports at home.

Gifts for men: 5 best ideas for

Gifts for men: Compression underwear

1. Compression lingerie .Clothes for training the new generation not only effectively regulates body temperature, warming in the cold and removing excess heat in the heat, but also improves blood circulation in muscles. In this case, if your guy has a noticeable musculature, compression linen will favorably emphasize his figure, becoming a favorite clothing for training - whether it is a gym or jogging.

Gifts for Men: Fitness Tracker

2. Fitness tracker .Over the past couple of years, fitness bracelets have evolved. The newest models are able not only to keep track of the steps taken and determine the amount of calories spent, but also thanks to the built-in GPS receiver they can calculate the results for various sports( running, swimming, cycling).The plus is that modern fitness trackers have long looked like stylish watches.

Gifts for Men: Skin Care Products

3. Skin Care Products .The notion that a man should not use creams is finally a thing of the past - not to mention the fact that the modern ecological situation requires daily skin cleansing. A good set of men's cosmetics should include a moisturizer, sunscreen, a skin-soothing after shave remedy, a weekly scrub scrub and a wash basin for everyday use.

Gifts for men: Trimmer for a beard

4. Trimmer for the beard .Carefully trimmed beard and Hollywood unshaven confidently come into fashion. If your guy cultivates hair on his face, pay attention to what kind of gadget he does it. If its trimmer is already a decade - the new one will be an ideal gift. Choosing the best model, give preference to the one that has a special attachment for working out the contours of the beard.

Gifts for men: Lamps with imitation of sunset / dawn

5. Lamps with imitation of sunset / dawn. Awakening in the dark from the bothersome alarm signal is a real torture for the body. Special lamps that simulate the smooth onset of dawn can significantly alleviate both the awakening process and the retreat to sleep( the "sunset" function).As a result, the morning will begin with a realistic light, close to the daytime brightness, and the pleasant awakening sounds of the forest or the sea.

Gifts for the runner

If your guy is running, then picking up an interesting gift for him will be much easier. There is a huge amount of accessories for runners - from belt bags and fasteners to the phone on hand, ending with a sports t-shirt and running golf.

At the same time, an ideal gift is easily a pair of good running shoes. When choosing a model, remember that it is better to focus on the brand and the size of the shoes already available for him-the size range( and even the thickness of the foot) of different brands of sneakers is usually different.

Gifts for bodybuilders

On the one hand, professional gymnasts need a huge number of accessories - on the other hand, it is difficult to determine which straps, gloves or belts your favorite young man will need, and if they are in his room.

If your guy "works on the mass" and monitors the caloric content and composition of food, a good gift for him will be a gadget that shows the percentage of fat in the body. With the help of such a device, it is easy to determine whether due to fat or muscle there is an increase in its weight.


Choosing a sports gift for a man, remember that the gadgets for sports are worth giving only if you are sure that they will be used for their intended purpose, and will not go to a distant mezzanine in the near future.