Garmin Vivoactive

Ultra-thin smart watch

Those who used fitness trackers are aware of their main disadvantage - the lack of a GPS receiver, without which it is impossible to measure the distance when playing sports. The reason lies in the fact that the GPS thickens the size of the device and creates a load on the battery.

In this review, FitSeven will talk about the new ultra-thin smart watches Garmin Vivoactive, which have built-in GPS and allow you to take distance and speed into account not only in running, cycling and even swimming, but also monitor the daily activity level.

Garmin Vivoactive: the advantages of

1. Built-in GPS .Due to the presence of the GPS device as accurately as possible determines the distance when walking, running, biking and swimming( taking into account the floating distance and the number of strokes).Watches are waterproof and withstand immersion for 50 m.

2. Accounting for the steps and daily activity of .The built-in pedometer is able to determine the number of steps traveled per day and the distance even without synchronization with GPS, reporting also the amount of calories spent( calculation with the help of statistical data).

3. Compact size and stylish design of .Externally, Vivoactive resembles a stylish watch rather than a cumbersome sports tracker. The device is the lightest and thinest device of this type at the moment and weighs only 32 grams.

4. Bright touchscreen display .A color touchscreen with high resolution and good contrast keeps readability even when it hits direct sunlight. To work in the dark, the clock has a backlight mode.

5. Powerful battery .The battery of the device works without recharging for up to three weeks in pedometer mode and monitoring of activity parameters or about 10 hours in the energy-consuming mode of using GPS.The charging itself is via USB.

6. Convenient notification system .With the help of light vibration in sports, the device is able to report that you have overcome a kilometer or circle distance. In everyday mode, the watch vibrates if you are too long without motion.

7. Synchronization with the smartphone .It is possible to display information about the caller's name and basic information about incoming messages, calendar reminders, as well as switching tracks and managing the playlist of the smartphone.


1. Raw web interface and application .Data on the sports activities performed are available after synchronization with the computer or smartphone, but the web interface seems somewhat "raw" and periodically leads to pages with errors.

2. A limited number of applications. Despite the presence of hundreds of different applications in the corporate online store Connect IQ, only a few of them represent a real interest and practical benefit.

3. The presence of "strange" functions of .The quality control of sleep, built into Vivoactive, resembles a toy rather than a serious functional. This also applies to the calculation of activity in golf - you can rarely meet people who really need it.

4. Minor errors in the accelerometer .The device can sometimes stray and perceive the twitching of the hand in time with the music for the steps, and the journey by car - for fast walking. However, these problems are typical for any such device.

Garmin Vivoactive: "gold standard"

Stylish design and a color touch screen make Vivoactive perceive not just as an intelligent gadget, but as a fashion accessory. The lightness of the device and the fineness of the case are so pleasant that after jogging with it it is impossible to think about returning to a bulky smartphone.

Tracking of sports activities sets a "gold standard" - no wonder the manufacturer is Garmin, known navigators. When using a chest strap, it is possible to measure the heart rate and output the data to the screen of the device.

The final recommendation of

Garmin Vivoactive is without a doubt one of the most interesting smart watches released on the market in 2015.The advantage is not only the accuracy of tracking and ultra-thin design with built-in GPS, but also a stylish appearance.

However, if there are not even the slightest remarks to the design and functionality of the device, then the software and the web interface look like a beta version( some pages lead to an error).The very same program Garmin Express is constantly asking about the firmware update.


The main advantages of the Vivoactive smart watch include ultra-slim stylish design and the ability to track all major sports activities( including swimming).To the minuses - a crude version of the firmware and a limited number of applications.