Smart Bracelets

Tracker from Geron Alexandria

The basis of any fitness tracker is a pedometer. The history of this device goes deep into history. The first inventor is Geron of Alexandria, who lived in the first century BC.But the account of the steps in antiquity was conducted not for fitness, but for determining distances.

Alexander of Macedon had a staff of pedometer people who allowed him to measure his empire. To facilitate this work and refine the data and tried the mechanics of antiquity. In the Middle Ages, the device did not lose its relevance and the great Leonardo da Vinci created his own version.

's new look With the development of science, the need to measure the ground by steps has disappeared and the device seemed to have lost its place. However, from non-existence he was drawn by the third US president Thomas Jefferson. He became interested in the device and even came up with his own design.

His interest was completely different, it was those who opened the pedometer to the wide road to the fitness president wanted to know how much he walks. The attention of such a public person has provided pedometers with great popularity on the threshold of new times( 1).

The high-tech revolution

Today smart bracelets( fitness trackers) are booming. Their popularity is associated with two points - firstly, doctors and fitness specialists have proven the benefits of mobility and walking as its basis, and secondly, technologies have breathed new life into the old idea of ​​a pedometer.

Today, an intelligent bracelet allows you to quickly and easily gather deep and comprehensive information about a person's physical activity. The list of parameters is great and it is still expanding, because every day science and technology bring new opportunities.

The first Russian fitness tracker

Russia did not stay away from the world trend. The power of Russian programmers, designers and businessmen created a line of smart bracelets under the brand ONETRAK.The Russian smart bracelet took the course to apply all modern technologies.

The device is equipped with its own display and is suitable for long-term battery life. In offline mode, the gadget reflects the basic parameters of motor activity, the number of calories expended, time, analyzes sleep.


ONETRAK is compatible with tablets and smartphones on iOS and Android platforms. This bundle expands the functional of the device and makes it possible to accumulate statistics for any length of time, to obtain a more detailed analysis of the parameters of the organism.

Software allows you to bind data to a specific person, its biological parameters - all indicators of activity will be clearly personified. Functions are available without an Internet connection, and the network adds cloud storage and data transfer capabilities.

The device and software are built specifically for the needs of the Russian consumer - from the interface in Russian to the usual menu with the data of domestic cafes and restaurants used in calculating calories consumed.

Technology from the big sport

Method of the sports diary

The Russian smart bracelet ONETRAK sews technology that is widely used in sports - the method of a sports diary. Continuous monitoring of key parameters important for the physical form, including mobility, nutrition and sleep, analysis of the results obtained, accumulation of statistics, issuance of recommendations. And all this works 24 hours a day in automatic mode.

How important and effective is this? The Russian badminton Olympic team has announced the beginning of the use of this gadget since the fall( 2)."The life of a top athlete is a very tough test of a person, a test of strength.- says the 50-fold champion of the country in badminton, a participant of two Olympic Games Andrei Antropov, - you are offered very serious challenges, and to not break you can answer them only by iron self-organization. A simple example - during my career I have never met the New Year, because I always went to the regime before midnight. There is a special preparation, but there is a general one, which should lead you to having what to produce higher results. We liked this idea in the bracelet. The idea of ​​an inconspicuous, but constant self-organization. The way it is implemented here is quite suitable for an ordinary person. If you are not going to participate in the Olympic Games, then you can set yourself the task of maintaining form and tone. This is a tool and it is completely in your hands »


The clever bracelet ONETRAK for today is presented by two models: LIFE and SPORT.The first is a basic model designed for a wide range of users. The SPORT model is the flagship of the brand: the duration of the battery life is increased to 8 days( versus 6 for the LIFE model), built-in memory for up to 30 days( up to 15 for LIFE), warranty period is up to three years( 1 year LIFE)
( 3).


Smart bracelets are a good help for fitness. For many, this is a simple way to systematize your studies and keep the necessary statistics. Authoritative analytical agencies, such as Canalys, predict further expansion of this market( 4).

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Publication date:

  • February 16, 2015