Men's perfume

Eau de toilette for men

The structure of the male skin allows you to preserve the fragrance of perfume for much longer. If women have to use expensive perfumes and renew their perfume every few hours, then men need to apply toilet water once a day to maintain a pleasant smell.

Correctly selected and carefully applied perfume is able to transform a man, creating an image of a mysterious conqueror of hearts - something that really likes girls. At the same time, the price of toilet water is not always an indicator, and some expensive aromas smell worse than cheap ones.

The main tips for face care and the top three brands of cleansers specifically for men.

How to choose the best perfume?

The first smell, sensed by spraying a perfume, is not essential and disappears in a few minutes. A real fragrance of perfume is revealed on the skin after at least half an hour. In this case, the base note of the perfume may not have anything in common with the initial note.

Often, behind the fruity-citrus aroma of the top note of the perfume is its enveloping, masculine base with notes of sandalwood, black pepper or oak moss. Choosing toilet water, focus on how the perfume will smell on your skin after a couple of hours.

Wood fragrances

It is woody fragrances that are perceived as classic and courageous. Perfume with similar notes is ideal for use in the office, and for a party in a trendy club. Usually such perfume is eroded slowly, keeping a smell for 4-6 hours.

To distinguish woody fragrance simply - its base notes, gradually appearing on the skin, should not smell of flowers or fruits. The smell of classic wood perfume should envelop, combining on the verge of sogginess a mixture of heavy forest odors and bright sweet notes.

How to apply perfume?

Perfume is applied to the points where the blood pulses stronger and the skin as a result heats up more. This promotes both the correct opening and spreading of the fragrance, and preserving it for the whole day. From clothes the same man's perfume evaporates quickly enough.

The best places for applying toilet water are the inner part of the wrists, the area behind the ears, the Adam's apple on the neck and the chest. If you apply fragrance on your wrists, do not rub them on each other. In addition, it is important to know the measure - the perfume is applied only one or two points.

Perfume: The main mistakes of

Always put perfume on a clean body - do not try to drown out the smell of sweat. Spray the spirits at a sufficient distance from clothing so as not to leave stains. Do not soak too often - after a while you will get used to the smell of perfume and stop feeling it.

Remember and the main rule of a gentleman - if others around you are able to recognize the brand of your toilet water, you unambiguously touched with the power of smell. In addition, before going to the gym use as little as possible perfume.

5 best male smells

Best Men

1. The main difference between the brand Comme des Garçons is the ability to combine incongruous odors in dizzying combinations - this perfume is literally impossible to forget. Wonderwood smells of cedar, sandalwood and cypress, and Incense Avignon - incense and sweet spices.

Best Men

2. Perfume Dior Homme is rightly considered a masterpiece and an immortal classic. An intense and persistent fragrance with notes of iris, sandalwood and leather is the smell of a real man who knows a lot about quality things. In this case, the version of Dior Homme Intense sounds even longer and deeper.

Best Men

3. Refined style and nobility Terre d'Hermes manifests itself in the design of the bottle, and in notes of perfume - a mixture of citrus, peppery and woody fragrances. However, it is important to note that this toilet water is more suitable for classic than for sportswear.

Best Men

4. If you like fresh sea smells, Allure Homme Sport from Chanel from you will definitely enjoy your unusual mixture of citrus, turning into thin woody notes. This slightly audacious fragrance is ideal for respectable, young and strong men.

Best Men

5. The perfume Zara 7.0 only one drawback - it is so good and cheap that it will buy half of your friends. Fresh sweet-woody smell with neat floral notes in the spirit of the men's Burberry is ideal for both a T-shirt and a fashionable fitted jacket.


The main rule of choosing a man's perfume is to try it on your skin before buying and wait for a couple of hours until the main odor is revealed. Eau de toilette, built on woody-spicy notes, is usually perceived by others as a fragrance of a strong and confident man.