Body by summer: 5 weeks

What is muscle cortex?

Despite the fact that training the muscles of the body( or "bark" from the English core ) is the most important step in the development of athletic build and the creation of an ideal beach body, most beginners simply do not know how to train this muscle group correctly.

Traditionally, the musculature of the body is equated with the side press, and for its development various twists, turns and inclinations to the sides are recommended. However, this approach is simplistic and erroneous, since it completely ignores the fact that the muscles of the hull are of a static nature.

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Anatomy of the muscles of the body

Anatomy of the internal muscles of the body

Musculature of the cortex is associated with almost all muscle groups, as its main task is to ensure the stabilization and mobility of both the spine and the entire body. In addition, the muscles of the body at the level of the waist( see figure) differ from the muscles of the body at the chest and waist.

The main muscles of the inner part of the body are the inner girdle of abdominal muscles, deep cervical flexors, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. The muscles of the outer part of the body include straight and oblique abdominal muscles, latissimus muscles of the back, muscles of the buttocks, waist and partly the muscles of the thighs.

Exercises for the muscles of the case

When performing most physical exercises, the muscles of the body fix the spine in a rigid position, allowing the hips, arms and shoulder joints to move with additional weight. In fact, any properly performed basic exercise is an exercise for the body.

This is why it is extremely important to consciously support the press, the lumbar musculature and other muscles of the body in easy tension when performing strength exercises. In simple terms, you should remember that you have the muscles of the body and they must be constantly included in the work.

Indirect training of the muscles of the body

Another way to train the muscles of the body is to develop its muscles by countering the weight. For example, during squats with a barbell or when carrying out a deadlift, care must be taken to ensure that the strained muscles of the cortex do not allow the back to be rounded and it remains straight.

An important element in the development of the muscles of the body is the correct breathing during exercise, since the diaphragm also enters the muscle group of the cortex. To breathe properly, you should like to direct air to the lower part of the abdomen, and do not lift your shoulders and chest up.

The best exercise on the muscles of the body

The greatest load on the musculature of the body is created by exercises that are performed in full growth - for example, a bar press standing or pulling up. When doing exercises in the slope( squats, deadlifts), the working muscles take the load off, and when the bench press is done, the bench itself is taken.

During pull-ups or bench presses, remember that the key task is not just raising and lowering the weight, but conscious use of the body muscles as a stabilizer. It is also important that for training a bark, it is important not just an explosive effort, but a static weight maintenance.

Standing bar stand: tips on

technique Starting position: standing flat, feet shoulder width apart, socks look slightly to the sides. Hands hold the bar, the bar is at the level of the clavicle, touching it lightly. Take a slow deep breath, creating intra-abdominal tension and "including" the muscles of the body.

Tighten the buttocks, thus taking the pelvis and hips slightly forward, fix the knees. Tighten the press so that the chest does not look too upward. With the strength of the muscles of the body, push the bar up, hold the upper point for a couple of seconds, feeling the tension of the muscles, then lower it.

Body for summer 5: Training the muscles of the case

The logic of the training of the fifth week in many respects repeats the structure of the fourth, only the exercises on the press become more complicated. Also, the difference is that you should try to deliberately engage the muscles of the body when performing exercises that are part of the block of turbulent training.

Monday and Friday

Warm up( 5-7 minutes) Walking at a fast tempo on a treadmill, rowing machine or a conventional exercise bike
Turbulent training( 25-30 minutes) Exercises are performed by supersets - first 8 repetitions of the first exercise, then, without interruption, 8repetitions of the second. Break 30-60 seconds and repeat the superset. Only 2-3 cycles.

Supertet A:

Supertet A:

  • Squat with a light bar OR Squats with a body weight
  • Leg extension in the simulator OR Lightweight deadlift

Supertet B:

  • Leg bench press OR Squeezers from the floor
  • Rod pull to the belt OR Belt pull in the simulator

Supertet C:

  • Standing bar stand press OR Dumbbell lifting on the bench
  • Lift of the upper block to the chest OR Pulling up

Circular program on the press( 10-15 minutes) Carry out a cycle of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise following continuously one after another, then a break of 30 secondsKund. Only 3-4 cycles. A key focus is on slow speed, perfect technique and full feeling of the muscles of the press.
  • knee lift in a turn with a turn
  • reverse twisting on a bench
  • exercise "Bike"
  • lateral twisting
Hitch( 5-7 minutes) Exercise "Plank"( 4-5 approaches), exercises for improving posture, slow muscle stretching.


Running time Comments
Workout 5-7 minutes Walking at a fast pace on a treadmill, rowing machine or a conventional exercise bike
Interval cardio 10-20 minutes High-intensity interval training HIIT according to the Little Bending protocol. Equipment for training - high-speed exercise bike. Each training cycle consists of 60 seconds of maximum rapid pedaling and 75 seconds of slow pedaling. A total of 6 to 12 cycles are performed.
Program for press 10-15 minutes Similar to Monday
Conventional cardio 15-30 minutes Walking on an ellipsoid or any other cardio( including swimming).
Hitch 5-7 minutes Exercise "Plank"( 4-5 approaches), exercises to improve posture, slow muscle stretching.

The developed musculature of the body not only ensures the safety of the spine when performing strength exercises, but also forms a powerful athletic physique. To train the muscles of the body you need to combine both exercises on the side press, and the correct performance of the bench press standing.