Body by summer: 4 weeks

Program for press

We are moving to the second phase of the marathon "Body to Summer" and to the intensified development of the muscles of the body and the press. This week's program will combine the most effective workouts for strengthening the abdominal muscles and classical exercises on the press. In the future, these exercises will become more complicated.

Remember that the press is the same muscle as everyone else. Cubes on the press appear as a result of training for hypertrophy( performing exercises with high weight and low repetitions), and not just as a result of doing hundreds of repetitions. But technology is above all.

Program for preparation for the beach season: complex training for all the muscles of the body to enhance the terrain. The body by the summer - 1 week.

How to burn fat from the stomach?

The training program below is for those who are already in relatively good physical condition. This program can improve the relief of muscles, pump the press and strengthen abdominal muscles of the abdomen - but it is not suitable for burning fat.

If your main goal is to lose weight by 5 kilograms or more, FitSeven recommends that you pay more serious attention to the diet, while doing the second and third weeks of the program "Body for Summer", and only then go on to the targeted training of the muscles of the press.

The best exercises for the press

Training of abdominal muscles of the press, we'll start with classical and reverse twists - the basic exercises on the rectus abdominis, responsible for the formation of cubes. Each exercise should be done as consciously as possible and slowly, with a full sense of the muscles.

Also in our training program on the press includes the exercise "Plank", working on the internal muscles of the body and important for creating a tight and resilient abdomen. This exercise is static - you need to learn to stay in the required position for as long as possible.

The benefits of circular training

Performing light weight exercises at a fast pace and with minimal rest between approaches devastates glycogen reserves, thus provoking the production of lactic acid by muscles. This, in turn, increases the secretion of epinephrine and other fat-burning hormones.

Do not be surprised if during a circular training you will feel dizzy or even mild nausea - this is the natural reaction of the body to low blood sugar. However, it is precisely these exercises that are ideal for creating the most prominent musculature of the press.

Body by Summer 4: Press Program

This week's program contains a set of exercises for the press, two circular turbulent workouts and one high-intensity interval training HIIT.The last meal is acceptable for 1.5-2 hours before training, and during the training itself it is recommended to use amino acids BCAA.

Monday and Friday

Warm up( 5-7 minutes) Walking at a fast pace on a treadmill, rowing machine or a conventional exercise bike
Turbulent training( 25-30 minutes) Exercises are performed by supersets - first 8 repetitions of the first exercise, then, without interruption, 8repetitions of the second. Break 30-60 seconds and repeat the superset. Only 2-3 cycles.

Supertet A:

Superset A:

  • Simple squats or squats with body weight
  • Leg extensions in the simulator OR Lightweight deadlift

SuperSet B:

  • Leg bench press OR Squeezers from the floor
  • Rod pull to the belt OR Belt pull in the simulator

Supertet C:

  • Standing bar stand press OR Dumbbell lifting on the bench
  • Lifting of the upper block to the chest OR Pulling up the

Circular program on the press( 10-15 minutes) Carry out a cycle of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise following continuously one after another, then a break of 30 secondsKund. Only 3-4 cycles. A key focus is on slow speed, perfect technique and full feeling of the muscles of the press.
  • classic twisting
  • reverse twisting on the bench
  • exercise "Bike"
  • pulling the knees to the chest on the bench
Hitching( 5-7 minutes) Exercise "Plank"( 4-5 approaches), exercises to improve posture, slow muscle stretching.


Running time Comments
Workout 5-7 minutes Walking at a fast tempo on a treadmill, rowing machine or a conventional exercise bike
Interval cardio 10-20 minutes High-intensity interval training HIIT according to the Little-Gibal protocol. Equipment for training - high-speed exercise bike. Each training cycle consists of 60 seconds of maximum rapid pedaling and 75 seconds of slow pedaling. A total of 6 to 12 cycles are performed.
Program for press 10-15 minutes Similar to Monday
Conventional cardio 15-30 minutes Walking on an ellipsoid or any other cardio( including swimming).
Hitch 5-7 minutes Exercise "Plank"( 4-5 approaches), exercises to improve posture, slow muscle stretching.

What exercise on the press is the most effective - the results of scientific research. Rating of exercises for the press.

Diet and prescription for the week

The above program of training for the press does not require cutting the caloric content of the diet - the more energy you have, the more actively you will train and the belly muscles will become more pronounced. That's why it is important to refuse not all calories, but only from wrong and "empty" ones.

In the morning, give preference to fruits and other sources of carbohydrates, for lunch - cereals, sources of protein and vegetable fats, and divide the dinner into early and late. For an early supper, eat more carbohydrates, and later - proteins, vegetable fats and vegetables.

  • breakfast: oatmeal or granola, fruit salad, omelette from two eggs
  • Lunch : salmon fillet with basmati rice or low-fat beef with buckwheat
  • Early dinner : a handful of regular dried fruits, buckwheat or oat porridge
  • Late dinner : homechicken burger or steak from lean beef

Homemade chicken burger

Fry olive oil 150 grams of chicken fillet, lay it on a toast of whole wheat bread with a spoonful of ketchup, top with a little skim cheese. As a side dish, use broccoli, lettuce leaves with carrots cut into strips and a pinch of red pepper.


Next week, the Body for Summer programs will tell you how to most correctly and effectively train the lower and lateral abdominal muscles to create the so-called "Adonis belt"( a characteristic V-shaped press with clear lateral lines).