How correctly to swing muscles?

How to properly swing?

The most important thing is to determine the goal and follow it: you either get rid of fat and lose weight, or work on muscles and weight. The combination of exhausting cardio loads and reinforced strength training will only overtraining.

If you have decided to build muscle - do only power training. If you want to work on the relief - first, dry it, and then go to work on the mass. Running after two rabbits, you will not catch anyone.

Proper nutrition

If your goal is to build muscle, then you need high caloric intake and protein content in food - at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. In addition, it is important to correctly determine the daily rate of calories.

For example, for a man of 25 years, with a height of 175 cm and a weight of 75 kg, you need about 1800-1900 calories, and the daily intake of protein should be at least 150 g. If you lack calories or protein about muscle growth, you can forget.

Basic training program for

It is important for beginners to accustom their body to power loads, and to learn how to perform the basic exercises technically correctly. In the first year of training, you do not need to complicate your task, and look for a complex and individual training program.

All beginners who come to the gym to pump up, it is recommended a basic program, consisting of the most important exercises - bench press, standing, squats, deadlift and pull to the belt. Remember, these are the best exercises for all the muscles in the body.

Restoration and rest

Muscles grow in a dream - if you do not get enough sleep, then the state of health and mood worsen, the recovery processes and protein synthesis are slowed down. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day, otherwise the effectiveness of training will decrease.

In order to fall asleep more quickly and make sleep deeper and better, you can take melatonin, also called sleep hormone. According to scientific research, it is not addictive and has no side effects.

Bad habits and sport

It's no secret that smoking and alcohol slow down the growth and recovery of muscles. Alcohol literally pulls all vitamins and minerals out of the body;in addition, after its adoption, the processes of muscle growth stop almost for a day.

Smoking, in turn, adversely affects both the quality of sleep, critical for muscle growth, and on the respiratory system. Not to mention the fact that nicotine makes the blood thicker, making it harder for muscles to eat during exercise.


In order to make progress in strength and volume of muscles, beginners need not so much - to train in the basic program 2-3 times a week, sleep a lot and eat properly. The main thing is to really want to achieve your goal.