Why does the belly grow in 35?

How to pump muscle after 35 years?

Traditionally, it is believed that changing their shape and gaining muscle mass is possible only at a relatively young age. Many men believe that at the age of 30 their metabolism slows down and this is the reason for the growth of the abdomen and the general increase in the level of fat.

However, you can start bodybuilding after 35 years. Studies suggest that the metabolism and hormonal background in 35 and 25 years differ by no more than 5% - in other words, to create a beautiful body, build muscle and achieve a relief abdomen can be almost at any age.

How does metabolism work and how can you speed up the metabolism for weight loss?

Factors Affecting the Metabolism of

Despite the fact that from the age of 30-35 the average man begins to lose muscle mass at a rate of 1-2% per year, this is a consequence of a lifestyle, but not at all embedded in the DNA of the program. The negative influence on metabolism and the level of hormones is exerted mainly by external factors.

As such, the age factor does not directly affect metabolism, since the metabolic rate is based on three factors: human genetics and the hormone production level, the work of its thyroid gland and the available muscle mass( 1).

Age-related decline in testosterone

Although testosterone, the most important male hormone, does decline with age, the fall is not as significant as many believe. At the age of 30-35 years, the secretion of testosterone decreases by about 3-7% from the peak end of puberty.

A significant drop in the level of this important for the muscles and libido hormone begins only after forty, decreasing by about 10% every five years. By the age of fifty, testosterone levels in most men are no more than 60% of the level of twenty-five years( 2).

Why does my stomach grow after 30 years?

The reason that the body changes( let's say straight: it gets fat and gets old) is primarily a way of life, bad habits and nutritional errors. Closer to thirty most men start to eat more and move less, and get used to fighting stress with alcohol and cigarettes.

Chronic lack of time for normal nutrition and sleep also make itself felt - bread, sausages and other fast food cause the body to store fat on the stomach, and sleepless nights with a one-year-old son increase the level of cortisol and discourage the desire to go to the gym in the morning.

The most important mistake

At some point many men understand that "something went wrong" - the figure is completely blurred, the stomach prevents bending forward, and climbing the stairs to the second floor provokes an attack of tachycardia. A decision is made to take on and achieve results at any cost.

Followed by crazy calorie restriction diets, exhausting hours of exercise, combining running, strength training and endless twisting. In this case, the stronger the willpower, the more harm it brings - the body gets rid of the muscles, and the metabolism breaks down.

Training program and recommendations for those who begin to play sports after 30 years.

Sports body after 30-35 years:

  1. Food is the main key to success. The daily diet affects not only the level of testosterone in the body( determining how easily the body will build muscle and burn fat), but also on overall health. The first thing that sports begins after 30 years is with changing eating habits.
  2. Moderate rhythm of training. The worst that can be advised to a 30-year-old beginner in the gym is a basic training program with shock loads. The result is not muscle growth, but chronic pain. It is necessary to train regularly, but carefully, paying attention to the technique and the sensation of the muscles.
  3. Correct struggle against stress. Chronic stress and high levels of cortisol exhaust the body, provoke metabolic disorders and lead to a set of fat on the stomach. Learn to deal with stress correctly - instead of smoking and a glass of whiskey in the evenings, start swimming or meditation.
  4. Do not look for short paths for .Forget magic additives to quickly increase testosterone or fat burners to create cubes on your stomach. Long-term and stable results can only be obtained within the framework of a complex change in one's life, rather than taking a handful of pills.


The main mistake of training after thirty is an attempt to achieve a quick result. Not getting what they want, many write off failure for the age-related slowing of metabolism and the drop in the level of hormones. However, the physiological changes in the body of a man after 30-35 years are minimal.

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