The best oil for frying

Which oil is best for roasting?

For most people, the answer to the question of what kind of oil it is best to fry is extremely simple - "vegetable".However, the quality of fats and oils used for cooking food is the main point of proper nutrition to maintain optimal health and metabolism.

Low quality of oils and the presence of trans fats in them not only harm the figure, but can also provoke serious metabolic disorders - if in the process of digestion carbohydrates and proteins split into components, the fats, in fact, enter the blood( and even into the brain) practicallyin unchanged form.

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Sunflower oil for frying

Many are confident that corn and sunflower oil are the best option for cooking because they do not contain cholesterol and are practically odorless. However, unfortunately, sunflower oil is one of the most harmful for metabolism and for human health. The reason is high fat content of Omega-6.These fats, in contrast to Omega-3( fish oil) or Omega-9( olive oil), are necessary for the body only in extremely small quantities. At the same time, any kinds of sunflower oil( including unrefined oil) by approximately 60-80% consist of Omega-6.

Why is sunflower oil harmful?

The ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 in the diet is 1 to 1 - but eating food cooked with sunflower oil turns this ratio into 1 to 10-20.The result is the emergence of various micro-inflammations in the body and a violation of the processes of cell regeneration( 1).

The complexity is aggravated by the fact that sunflower and corn oil are widely used not only in fast food, but also in most conventional restaurants. The reason is cheapness, long shelf life, neutral taste and the ability to withstand high temperatures( about 200-250 ° C) without burning out.

Can I fry in olive oil?

An alternative to harmful sunflower oil is most often olive. This oil mainly consists of mono-saturated fatty acids Omega-9, neutral for the health of the body. However, the main question is whether it is safe to fry in olive oil.

The good news is that despite the fact that when heated, the antioxidants contained in the oil partially lose their properties, no harmful elements in the composition still appear. In other words, olive oil is absolutely safe for cooking on it.

Refined olive oil

It is important to know that for everyday frying, expensive, extra virgin olive oil is not needed - it is more suitable for adding to salads. For cooking, you can very well use refined olive oil - it costs a lot cheaper and is sold in any supermarket.

However, remember that manufacturers often try to "play" with the consumer, releasing sunflower oil with the addition of olive oil. Unfortunately, most often the content of olive oil in such mixtures is no more than 5-10% - in other words, before you is the usual sunflower oil.

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Coconut oil for frying

Another useful for frying with oil is coconut oil. It perfectly tolerates high temperatures, while enjoying a pleasant taste and unique profile of fatty acids in its composition. In fact, coconut oil is a plant version of saturated animal fats.

In this case, coconut oil fatty acids are mainly used by the body as a source of everyday energy and a material for the synthesis of hormones( especially testosterone).Because of the special composition of coconut oil, the human body is extremely reluctant to transform it into subcutaneous fat.

Greedy butter "Gee"

"Gee"( or "ghee") is a type of melted butter and is widely used in India and South Asia. Unlike regular butter, which is not suitable for roasting food and burns at 150 ° C, the Gy oil can be safely heated up to high temperatures of 200-250 ° C.

Prepared on melted butter, the food gets a pleasant caramel flavor and amber color, and the oil itself contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin E. You can buy both ready-made Guy oil and prepare it at home from ordinary unsalted butter.


The worst choices for cooking are sunflower and corn oils that contain harmful omega-6 fatty acids. The best oils for frying are olive and coconut( including refined versions of these oils), as well as melted butter gi.

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