Drop-sets and the "point of failure"

Why do I need drop sets?

The main and main goal of drop sets is to cause maximum stress and microdamages in the muscle, so that the processes of tissue repair become more active, because they make the muscle grow and increase.

Before proceeding to describe the technique of drop-sets, it should be noted that the continued use of this technique easily causes overtraining. It is important to alternate workouts with drop-sets, and do not use them all the time.

How fast to reach the point of failure?

Studies and practice show that it is not necessary to do many repetitions-it is quite possible to achieve by one set of "point of failure" -to involve most of the muscle fibers in the work, making full use of their potential and energy.

This condition is fraught with micro-aberrations of muscle tissue, and it is the process of recovery after such disorders that causes the growth of connective muscle tissue, which leads to muscle growth in general.

What is important in drop-sets?

The first thing you should always remember about - it's strictly forbidden to perform drop-offs on unheated muscles, because it can easily cause their rupture. The second important thing is to use the drop sets only periodically, no more than once every two weeks for each muscle group, otherwise you will very quickly call overtraining and you will have to take a few weeks offrecovery.

How to make drop-sets correctly?

The easiest way to reach the point of failure in a drop-set using the "pyramid" technique is to start the exercise with a lot of weight, and gradually reduce it. You literally do not have to remain strong after the last repetition.

Having reached the described point of failure, it makes no sense to perform another drop-set and or a normal set with low weight. You have reached your goal - they forced the muscle to work 100%, activated the recovery process after the load, provoked the muscle to grow.

Drop-sets for different muscle groups

If you do lifting a dumbbell to the bicep, then the point of failure in the exercise comes when there are no forces to perform the repetition, and raise the hand at all without weight. If you work on the back or chest, then the refusal to achieve is somewhat more difficult.

Large muscle groups are divided into autonomous departments, and for each group of such muscles you need your own drop-set. For example, for the chest, you can do a bench press, then press the bench in the slope( on the upper chest), and complete the information on the blocks.


Drop-set is a great way to quickly reach a point of failure in order to start the process of muscle growth. But we must remember that the drop-set is performed only on the heated muscles, and excessive infatuation quickly causes overtraining.