Exercises on the shoulders

How to pump up the shoulders: the strategy of training

Often newcomers consider the delta as a single, spherical-shaped muscle, believing that one or two basic exercises for the shoulders will be sufficient for their full flow. However, in reality, the deltoid muscle has a complex anatomical structure and consists of three independent bundles.

That's why correct shoulder training should be based on constant variation of exercises and deltoid muscles at different angles. The key point here is the use of moderate working weights, since the shoulder joint is extremely easy to damage.

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Deltas: the most effective exercises of

The most effective exercise for increasing the strength of muscles of the shoulder girdle is a bar press standing. Note that this exercise is included in the five basic exercises, the most important for the complex and harmonious development of the entire musculature of the body.

Each of the three beams deltoid muscles is designed to perform a certain type of motion with a load. The front beam and the front of the middle beam perform the bench functions, while the rear of the middle arm muscle bundle and the rear delta are responsible for traction functions.

How to properly swing the shoulders?

Muscles of the shoulder are included in the work not only when the barbell is standing, but in all other basic exercises, stabilizing the position of the body and activating the muscles of the body. Even when doing sit-ups with a barb, deltoid muscles are indirectly involved, helping to maintain weight.

Exercise, the best way to increase the volume and weight of the shoulders is considered to be the pull of the bar to the chin. Developing both the rear and middle beams of deltas, it makes the back visually wider. It is also important that the efficiency of rod pull to the chin exceeds even the dumbbell lifts in front of him.

The training program for the shoulders

It is better to work out the muscles of the shoulders for the second half of the workout - the basic exercises of the first part of the training will prepare the shoulder joint to the loads. The very training of deltas should consist of vertical presses and 2-3 isolating exercises( for example, chin thrusts and dilutions).

Vertical presses of dumbbells or barbells are performed in 3-4 sets for 5-12 repetitions with obligatory preliminary warm-up. Each isolating exercise is performed in 2-3 sets and 10-15 repetitions with an average working weight. Shoulder training is allowed no more than 2 times a week.

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Vertical shoulder presses

There are many variations of the vertical press for the development of the musculature of the shoulders, performed with the barbell, dumbbells or even on the blocks. Exercise can be performed as standing, so sitting on a bench or even sitting on the fitball( which will help to engage the muscles-stabilizers of the body).

Exercises for the shoulders: dumbbell presses standing

Dumbbell presses standing .The absence of the rod bar allows you to lower the dumbbells along the center line of the body without touching your head, strenuously acting on the average bundles of deltas. Not to mention that due to the complication of the trajectory of movement, more muscle fibers are included in the work.

Exercises for the shoulders: a press of dumbbells in parallel sitting

Dumbbell press in parallel sitting .This exercise is recommended either for beginners, or for those who previously had a shoulder joint injury. Performed in a manner similar to the usual press of dumbbells, however the palms are looking inward while they are moving. Working weight - medium.

Exercises for the shoulders: rod pull to the chin

Chinstrap Rod This exercise accurately develops trapezoidal and deltoid muscles, causing the shoulders to increase in size. The wider the grip of the bar, the more loads from the trapezium to the deltas - experiment and choose the grip that suits you best.

The variation of the exercise is the alternate lifting of dumbbells to the chin. Take dumbbells in both hands, but pull only one to the chin. The second dumbbell should act as a balance and counterbalance for a better distribution of the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Flies and dumbbell cultivation in the sides

Exercises for the shoulders: dumbbell cultivation in the sides

The main secret of the technique of breeding dumbbells in the sides is that the thumb should look down. The body during the exercise is slightly tilted forward, the shoulders are lowered as low as possible - imagine, as if trapezius muscles are pressed to the back.

Remember that breeding and dumbbells are suitable only for athletes with advanced training. To beginners, such exercises do more harm than good - increasing the weight of shoulders such exercises will not help, but will only create a risk of injury.

Shoulder muscle training should be built on combinations of heavy vertical presses and isolating exercises performed with an average weight and ideal technique - this will allow both to develop the deltoid muscles evenly and minimize the risk of injury.