How to remove the stomach

Why does the belly grow?

1. Excessive caloric intake. Despite the fact that most complete people tend to write off their magnificent forms for genetics and age changes, it is the excess of energy coming from food that is the most significant factor in gaining excess weight.

- Sweet .In addition to the fact that sweet food contains calories that go straight to the fat stores, such food only fuels the feeling of hunger, forcing the person to seek again and again in the sweet. The time required to fully absorb the calories of one can of cola is 30-40 minutes, while a portion of meat with a garnish of green vegetables, equivalent to calories, will be digested and assimilated from 3 to 5 hours.

- Fatty .The relationship between eating fat and fat on the body is far from as simple as many people think. Most types of natural fats are more useful for health, and their exclusion from the diet threatens to disrupt the metabolism. The problem of fat is overeating and harmful combination of nutrients in foods - almost all the "wrong" fatty foods contain a significant amount of simple carbohydrates.

- Salted. Seemingly so inconspicuous, ordinary table salt is the strongest taste enhancer. By reducing the amount of salt in foods, you will significantly reduce their consumption, because the food will seem tasteless. In addition to the fact that salt causes overeating, it increases the fluid retention in the body, which is another important reason for gaining excess weight.

2. Sedentary lifestyle. It is important to understand that a reduction in physical activity leads to a set of fat only at high caloric intake. Most of the weight loss systems of the last century were built on the minimization of movement, rather than on jogging and aerobics.

3. Hormonal problems .Of the total number of people who have an increased body weight, only a few really do have genetics prone to fatness. Even metabolic disorders due to low iodine intake in the diet are quite rare.

Abdominal fat: consequences of

1. Decreased intellectual capacity. More and more research suggests that obesity reduces the mass of the brain, reducing the intellectual abilities of a person( 1).The consumption of a large number of simple sugars also plays a negative role.

2. Decrease in testosterone level .The more fat is stored on a male body, the stronger this fat affects the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. The result is a growth of the breast for a female type, a decrease in muscle mass and a decrease in libido( 2).

3. Chronic health problems .Excess weight and large abdomen are a serious factor in the disturbance of metabolism and immunity( 3).Internal organs shift from their normal position, the load on the bones and joints increases, the gait changes.

4. Exacerbation of obesity .The presence of even the middle abdomen triggers a dangerous mechanism for further weight gain. The more active a man ignores his excess weight, the faster this excess weight grows, creating ever more serious health risks.

How to remove fat from the stomach

How to get rid of fat in the lower abdomen and remove soft sides? The best strategy for training and recommendations for drying.

How to remove fat from the stomach and sides?

1. Reconsider the eating habits. Fighting excess weight should not start with shock sports and hard diets, but with a smooth change in diet, reduction in the amount of food with a high glycemic index, increasing the proportion of vegetables and fresh fruits. The more carefully you go to a real diet, the longer you can be on it, and the easier it will be for you to return to a normal weight and flat stomach.

2. Set a monthly goal. The more concrete your motivation, the more chances of success. In this case, constancy is much more important than a single effort. Start with goals such as "lose 5 kg per month" or "remove 5 cm from the waist in a month" - for half a year it's minus 30 kg or minus 30 cm of the waist. If you put an unrealistically big goal( "lose 15 kg per week"), you will forget about it easily and return to the beginning.

3. Start a simple diet. Remember that weight loss diets show much greater efficiency in men than in women. Observance of even such simple diets as the Mediterranean or paleodieta can significantly reduce weight in the first weeks without any physical activity. However, stay away from the temptation of quick results and do not go on to aggressive diets, as the exorcised weight will return.

4. Carefully go to the sport. If you have never run, do not try to sharpen your body to a daily run for 30 minutes. The result will rather be pain in the knees, and not the loss of excess weight. In addition, men are often inclined to overestimate the cost of calories from physical activity, quickly returning to normal diet and gaining weight again.

5. Study scientific materials on the topic of fat burning. After you mark the first results of weight loss, study the "theoretical part" - FitSeven similarly wrote about how to lose weight properly. By understanding how the body gets rid of excess fat, you can direct your efforts to what really works, and do not waste time doing meaningless weight loss exercises that do not affect the size of the waist at all.

6. Replace fat with muscle. The musculature set will not only increase the level of testosterone in the body, thereby significantly accelerating the natural fat burning, but will also restore your self-confidence and increase sexual attractiveness. However, it is important to share the goals of burning excess fat and muscle set - unfortunately, the body can not effectively combine them.

7. Strengthen the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to move on to performing exercises to strengthen the abdominal press only after you can hide your belly under the T-shirt. Remember that there are cubes of the press for any person, but for many people they are hidden under a layer of fat. Exceptionally proper nutrition, not physical exercise, can save weight and make the abdomen flat.


Since the main cause of abdominal growth in men is excessive caloric intake of food, adherence to the simplest rules of proper nutrition can show a significant reduction in excess weight even without additional physical activities.

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