Miracle oil or pacifier?

Coconut oil - is it useful?

You can hear more and more often that coconut oil is a super product. Say, when applied to the skin it stops aging, in the form of a mask for hair, helps them to recover and accelerate growth, and cooked on coconut oil automatically becomes a diet.

This myth is strongly supported by manufacturers of creams and shampoos. The cost of coconut oil is low, but its presence in the structure dramatically increases the interest of customers and allows you to increase the price. However, despite all the advantages of coconut oil, its benefits are often greatly exaggerated.

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What is the difference between coconut oil?

The main and principal difference of coconut oil from other vegetable oils is that it consists of saturated fatty acids, usually found in animal products( lard, butter, milk and cheese).In fact, only coconut oil is a "vegetable" variant of similar fats.

In turn, saturated fatty acids are critically important for the metabolism, absorption of vitamins and the synthesis of hormones. The downside is that most often they enter the body together with cholesterol, which can clog vessels and lead to the development of diseases. But not in the case of coconut oil.

Effect of coconut oil on the metabolism of

Coconut oil is the only one that can be absorbed directly from the intestine. If any other fat( or vegetable oil) should pass a long and complex chain of digestion and digestion, then coconut oil is absorbed by the body as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This affects the fact that the body prefers to use calories of coconut oil for direct conversion into energy and for current metabolic needs( 1), rather than keeping them "in reserve" in body fat. Quickly satisfying hunger and causing satiety, coconut fat is extremely reluctant to subcutaneously.

Best oil for frying?

Coconut oil withstands high temperatures( up to 180 ° C), being an ideal choice for frying and cooking. Recall that sunflower oil is recommended to be completely excluded from the diet, and olive oil can become oxidized and lose some useful properties when heated.

It should be noted that despite the easier process of assimilation, coconut oil, like any other, is a high-calorie product and in no way can be considered "dietary".Its excessive consumption will unambiguously lead to a set of excess weight.

Coconut oil for hair and skin

In many Asian countries, coconut oil is used for body massage and as a basis for hair masks. However, this is due more to its low price and affordability( olive trees do not grow in a hot and humid climate), and not exceptional and miraculous properties.

Despite the fact that coconut oil really absorbs quickly and naturally moisturizes the skin, it is mistaken to consider it a universal replacement for any other care products. Treat this oil as one of the options, but not as the only alternative. Is brown sugar cane good for health? How does it differ from the usual refined?

What is the difference between palm oil and coconut oil?

Coconut oil differs from palm oil by its composition and properties, both taste and kind( natural palm oil has a bright red color).Despite the fact that both products are derived from fruits of palm trees - coconut and olive palm - these plants are only distant relatives.

If coconut oil is a vegetable analogue of animal fats, palm oil is similar to olive oil because of the high content of omega-9 fatty fats. In addition, palm oil contains long carbon chains, not allowing the body to absorb the product directly from the intestine.

Why does palm oil harm health?

The reason why many doctors and nutritionists recommend to abandon palm oil is the presence in its composition of harmful for the body of spoilers. Numerous scientific studies confirm that even a few grams of trans fats per day are enough for health problems.

However, in natural palm oil there are no transgres - they appear in the process of industrial processing. Natural palm oil has a sharp unpleasant odor and a specific red color, and for use in the food industry it is cleaned and stabilized.


Coconut oil is the only vegetable oil consisting of saturated fatty acids. Despite the fact that it is easily absorbed by the body, it is mistaken to consider it dietary. In addition, reviews about the magical properties of coconut oil for skin and hair - often just an advertising myth.

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