Whey Protein

Whey isolate - what is it?

Whey protein is the most popular sports supplement for muscle growth and replenishment of the body's protein needs. The source of raw materials for this protein is cow milk, purified from water, fat and various impurities - that's why it is called a whey protein isolate.

Choosing the best isolate, it is important not to chase exclusively at a low price - a cheap protein usually contains less protein for a standard 30 gram serving, with a whole list of additives to improve the texture and taste of the product. Trust more trustworthy brands.

Is it possible to make a protein cocktail from home products and will it be possible to replace the powdered protein with dried milk?

How to take protein: rules for beginners

In order for whey protein to successfully affect muscle mass gain, it is important to take it not only in sufficient quantities, but also in accordance with basic rules and regulations. Otherwise, it is better to spend your money on improving the basic diet - this will be more effective.

  1. Drink protein before training .To increase the strength of strength training and provide muscle nutrition, you need to drink half a portion of whey protein 30-40 minutes before training( about 12-17 g protein), then - a portion immediately after its end( about 20-30 g).
  2. Mix the protein with juice. If your goal is a quick set of muscle mass, add water to the protein cocktail after the workout, and the juice that is the source of simple carbohydrates. The resulting mixture is similar in composition to the geyner, but its cost is much lower.
  3. Observe the protein intake regimen of .No need to wait for instant muscle growth - the intake of whey protein will show efficacy only after 3-4 weeks. During this time, it is important to train yourself to eat protein before and after training, and also during large breaks between meals.
  4. Use reinforcing agents. Adding to the protein shake 3-5 grams of creatine, special digestive enzymes or even some herbs can improve its effectiveness by increasing the percentage of digestibility. Read more about this below.
  5. Study the composition of the protein. The cheapest isolate is most often a mixture of low quality protein and suspicious additives, making this protein "acceptable" for use - flavors, sweeteners, antifoams and thickeners. Sometimes in the composition can be found even taurine.
  6. Take the isolate with food .Instead of taking overnight casein( "slow" protein), which costs twice as much as a normal isolate, you can simply drink a portion of whey protein before dinner - in the stomach it mixes with food, which will physically prolong the time of its assimilation.
  7. Observe the sports diet of .Protein is just an additive, not a substitute for regular food. If your diet does not contain enough calories and nutrients, no( even the most expensive) sports nutrition can not affect the growth of muscle mass.

Rating of the most effective sports nutrition for weight gain and rapid muscle mass gain.

Slow and Fast Protein

Initially, no more than 2-5% of milk protein was used to produce whey isolates - but in the 1990s, sports nutrition manufacturers came up with a marketing move to sell "waste" at a price higher than the cost of the main product. It was then that casein appeared.

In theory, casein( "slow" protein) and isolate( "fast" protein) have a different rate of assimilation - but in reality it differs by 15-20%.In this case casein is a gluten-like substance that adheres the contents of the stomach, and it is still used as a technical glue.

How to strengthen the action of the protein?

To enhance the action of whey protein and improve the absorption of nutrients, special herbs-tonic - first of all, ashwaganda - can help. This Indian herb is traditionally used to activate anabolic processes and improve the nutrition of deep body tissues.

Recommended dosage - 5 g of ashwagandha powder taken twice a day, 10-15 minutes before meals. Because of the bitter taste of the herb, it is better to mix it with false unrefined sugar and take in 150-200 ml of warm milk. However, you can mix ashvagandu with the whey protein itself.


Despite the fact that all whey protein is made from cow's milk, the quality of different brands is different. A cheap isolate can easily cause problems with the stomach and the development of chronic diseases due to the huge doses of sweeteners and chemical additives to improve texture and taste.