What is dangerous chicken breast?

Chicken breast in the ration of athletes

Boiled chicken breast is traditionally considered the best source of protein for athletes due to low caloric content and minimum fat content. The diet of a carbohydrate diet, in fact, is based on white chicken meat - due to its low price and ease of cooking.

However, cheap chicken fillet is one of the most "dirty" types of meat in terms of toxins and preservatives. If you care about your health, carefully study the information below to know about the potential risks of the product that you eat in large quantities. From what part of the beef do the most delicious and juicy steak? Rules for selecting meat and roasting steaks.

BIO and caloric content of chicken breast

The caloric content of the chicken breast fillet depends both on the way of cooking the meat and on the size of the chicken. Caloric content of a middle breast weighing 200-250 g in raw form is about 250-260 kcal( 1), but more often chicken breast is sold in a divided into two halves.

The caloric content of the breast halves is approximately 130 kcal, the protein content is 27 g, the fat is 1-2 g( the figure can be higher if the skin and fat are removed badly), carbohydrates are 0 g. Separately, since carbohydrates in the chicken filletno, the glycemic index of the breast is zero.

Boiled or fried?

The use of fats and oils significantly increases the caloric content of the finished chicken fillet. Boiled or steamed chicken contains 2-3 times less calories than grilled meat in sauce. Especially a lot of calories( and harmful sunflower oil) contains the breast, fried in deep fat.

Portion of chicken breast from KFC( in fact, half of the breast) is 300 kcal, 21 g of protein, 17-20 g of fat and 12 g of carbohydrates( 2).As deep frying reduces the physical volume of meat, the chicken is generously sprinkled with breadcrumbs( bread crumbs) before serving to increase the serving volume.

The content of vitamins and minerals

Despite the fact that many sources on the Internet claim that the chicken breast is "rich" with potassium, sodium and even iron, their content in the chicken fillet does not exceed 5-7% of the daily norm - one average portion of boiled potatoescontains 4-5 times more potassium than the portion of the breast.

Unlike fruits, any meat, including chicken, does not contain a significant amount of vitamins. The standard portion( half the whole breast) contains vitamins B3( 60% of the daily norm) and B6( 30% of the norm)( 1).However, these vitamins are contained in a much larger number in cereals.

Dangers of chicken meat

Chicken meat is an extremely favorable breeding ground for various bacteria. Strictly it is not recommended to use the same chopping board for chicken and for other products( especially for fruits).After contact with the raw chicken breast, the hands should be thoroughly washed.

As the poultry farms of chickens are literally stuffed into cages, they, in the end, turn out to be smeared in feces. When cutting carcasses, some of these feces fall on meat. That is why the industrial chicken always undergoes powerful disinfection with the help of aggressive chemical gases.

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Cheap chicken fillet

To reduce the cost of chicken fillet, the manufacturer must reduce the cost of eating chicken and accelerate the cycle of its growth. As a result, cheap cereals are used( the question of the danger of gluten and GMOs for the health of birds is not even put) and aggressive preparations for rapid mass gain( 3).

The life cycle of chicken is only 6-7 weeks( 4) - it does not matter how much such a regime will worsen its health, whether it will lose sight and whether it will be able to walk. Buyers do not think about the quality of chicken meat at all, they only seek to find the lowest price.

How to choose chicken?

If you eat chicken meat quite rarely, then one serving is not capable of harming your health. However, if you decide to follow a protein diet and eat mainly breasts, it is important to choose the highest quality producer, so as not to poison your body with chemistry.

Good chicken meat begins to spoil literally on the second-third day, even in the refrigerator. The hen quickly starts to smell and change color first to yellow, then to gray. If the fillet bought safely lies in the refrigerator for a week, then it definitely has a lot of preservatives.


Traditionally it is believed that chicken breast is the best choice for the ration of an athlete because of low caloric content and high protein content. However, only a few think that the daily use of industrial chicken in huge quantities can be dangerous to health.

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