Lower Press

How to pump the bottom press?

Bleeding of the lower press and the creation of the V-shaped "Adonis belt" - aerobatics in the development of the musculature of the abdomen and body. Despite the fact that there are many different exercises for abdominal muscles, only a few of them do involve the lower part of the press.

The complexity of the situation is aggravated by the fact that the lower press is unattainable without a constant diet, and fighting fat in the lower abdomen is the most difficult task. Due to a number of genetic reasons, the body prefers to store subcutaneous fat in this area, extremely reluctantly burning it after.

Training program for the press - all about how to pump the abdominal muscles and quickly achieve relief cubes.

Fighting fat in the lower abdomen

FitSeven explained in detail that the fight against fat in the lower abdomen requires a constant rejection of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index and cardio on an empty stomach to increase the resistance of tissues to insulin and activate fat burning in problem areas.

In the creation of the relief of the bottom of the press will also help a diet for drying, based on the use of a large number of green vegetables and fiber. Also, an effective method is to apply various gels on the stomach, improving the circulation of lymph and removing excess water.

The truth about exercises on the press

Speaking about exercises for the development of the lower press, it is important to note that from the anatomical point of view, there is neither upper nor lower press. In fact, the abdominal muscles are a few layers of long muscles with different sections, capable of shrinking independently of each other.

The extent to which the lower press is involved in the performance of a particular exercise depends primarily on the ability of a person to consciously involve this abdominal muscle department in work, and not at all from the type of exercise. If the wrong execution, the main load is not the press, but on the lower back and legs.

Exercises for the lower press

Very often, the lower part of the press is inferior in terms of the level of development of the upper. That is why when training the lower abdomen it is extremely important to observe the ideal technique, performing exercises as slowly as possible and with a full sense of involvement in the work of the lower section of the press.

The main isolated exercises for the lower press are reverse twists, leg lifts and leg lifts in the vise. In addition, the bottom press is actively involved in all exercises related to the slope of the body forward( especially in squats and deadlifts).

Plank supported by a fitball

1. Strap with support for the fitball .Since the key task of the press is to maintain posture and intra-abdominal pressure, static exercises are important for the development of abdominal muscles. Carrying out this version of the bar, pay special attention to the feeling of constant tension in the lower part of the abdominal muscles. Perform 3-4 sets of 30-60 seconds.

Pulling the arm forward

2. Extending the arm forward .This static exercise is also necessary to strengthen the bottom of the press. Standing on his knees with the support of his hands( the shoulders are fixed, the biceps looks slightly forward), extend the right arm forward, and the left leg - back. The view is directed downwards. Feel the voltage of the case. Do 2-3 sets of 30-60 seconds for each hand.

Twisting with fitball

3. Torsion with the .Keeping the support on the hands( the shoulders are fixed, the blades are brought together, the biceps looks slightly forward), slowly roll the fitball towards the body, feeling the work of the bottom of the press. The main task is precisely this sensation, and not the fulfillment of the maximum repetition. Do 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions.

Back torsion

4. Backward twisting of the .Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, slowly lift the pelvis up, making sure that the shoulder blades do not come off the ground. When doing the exercise, it is important how you lower the pelvis down. Do this slowly and consciously, making sure that the upper part of the press and the muscles of the legs are not included in the work. Do 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions.

Turns of the legs lying down

5. Turns of the legs lying .Lying on the floor, waist and shoulder blades are tightly pressed to the ground. Raise your legs slightly bent at the knees, then slowly lower them to the left side, feeling that it is the muscles of the lower press that take on the load. Return to the starting position, then lower your legs to the right. Do 2-3 sets of 10 times on each side.

Legs lifting with the fixation of hands

6. Legs with the fixation of hands .This exercise is suitable only for advanced training, because in most cases even the weight of the legs is too large for the lower part of the press, and only hip muscles and iliopsoas muscles are included in the work. Do the exercise only when you learn how to engage the bottom of the press in the work.


When performing exercises on the bottom of the press, it is important to ensure that this part of the abdominal muscles is involved in the work, and the load does not go to the feet. At the same time, the ideal technique and the slowest speed of execution are much more important than the maximum number of repetitions.