FitSeven: First-Person

"Hello world!"

In December 2010, when FitSeven was just beginning, I did not hide the fact that the project is a personal blog, not the next portal with a huge number of authors. After a couple of months, the reference to the fact that everything is done by one person was removed to give "significance."

Now that my "blog" is read by over a million people every month in seven different languages ​​(Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Chinese), I decided to reveal the truth. FitSeven is a project, all the texts of which are written by me personally.

Where did I come from?

I'm 30 years old, I was born and raised in Siberia, studied for a physics engineer in Tomsk, lived in Moscow for several years, worked in media and marketing( RBC, RIA Novosti, FMCG company Mars).Then he dropped everything and began to wander around the world - Germany, Brazil, France, Spain.

I do not have medical or coaching education( there is an unfinished MBA, but this does not apply to the case), I was never an athletic child and always skipped physical education. I did not even like to write lyrics, but suddenly became the largest fitness author of Europe.


At first, in his student years, was the first book on the Montignac diet - an attempt to lose weight due to gluttony in the first year of weight. Then, by the end of the university, there was a swimming - an attempt to clear the lungs after quitting smoking. Then there were weight training.

Arriving for the first time in the gym, it seemed to me that the coach - that big uncle - knows all about how to lose weight and gain muscle. But having asked him a couple of questions in the spirit of "Why so, and not otherwise?" And without getting a clear answer, I began to look for information on my own.

Simple site about fitness

It turned out that there are not so many simple and understandable articles on how to lose weight or swing correctly - books were boring to read, and magazines like Men's Health and Flex seemed too pointless to me,written for patients with mild amnesia.

In order to better understand the meaning of long English-language articles, I began to make brief synopses. After some time I decided to put this information in the public domain. However, now, after writing more than 500 articles, I honestly say that I know about fitness is not all.

And what if I advise nonsense?

Today I write texts not just for abstract Internet - I write them for my friends, that's why I feel huge responsibility and check all the information as much as possible. Yes, sometimes I'm wrong, but I try to correct my mistakes( see the article on somatotypes).

I think that the problem of large media is precisely that no one personally feels responsibility to the reader for specific recommendations and does not verify them even within the same issue of the magazine. Not to mention the archive. I remember all the articles that I wrote.

Team FitSeven

I tried to work with several authors, but something was always wrong - the texts I never liked, and I rewrote them almost from scratch. Coaches wrote too dryly, abstrusely and authoritatively, ordinary journalists - watery, vague and not too on the topic.

Now the team consists of only wonderful interpreter people, to whom I am very grateful - Dina( Portuguese), Francisco( Spanish), Vika( French), Natasha( Chinese).Plus, thanks a lot to Alex and Diana for helping with the Chinese version of FitSeven - Feite7.

What's next?

I am an ordinary person who used to sit in the office for 7-8 hours a day, come home after that and sit down again on the sofa. My interest in correcting posture has turned into a series of articles about this, and attempts to achieve the coveted cubes of the lower press - into the Six-Pack project.

I also want to say that I'm not a mad fanatic of a healthy lifestyle. I worked for Mars and saw how Snickers do it - there is nothing uniquely harmful in it. All is well in moderation - and chocolate, and red wine at dinner, and physical training to build muscle.


I am the most ordinary person, and not a superman with steel muscles - I think that's why I write "human" texts. For me FitSeven means a lot - this is what I did with my own hands, and this is what I want to live on. Thank you for reading!

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