The main rules of a beginner

  • Name: Brian
  • Year of birth: 1992
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

How many muscles are recruited?

I started going to the gym in May 2011, and for seven months I was there exactly 130 times. It's four to five times a week. I keep a diary of trainings in my notebook, and I like to count the number of classes, this makes me more disciplined.

Despite the fact that in the first year my weight increased by only 4 kilograms, the body began to look absolutely different. Do not try to follow your progress on the floor scales - they are deceiving. And there is no formula for ideal weight.

Training Program I started with the basic program, as recommended for all beginners. Basic exercises, minimum number of approaches, no more than 6-7 repetitions in the exercise. A little later I began to separate the training sessions on the upper and lower body, and repeat every twice a week.

In addition, once a week I do a day of cardio, and run about 8 kilometers. I believe that this allows the muscles to recover after classes, as the blood circulates faster, and toxins are aggressively washed away. But I do cardio on a separate day.

Cycle for mass - do you need chemistry?

When I prepared my body for training, and increased from 80 kg to 120 kg figure in bench press, and from 50 kg to 80 kg in squats, I started the cycle on mass in 2012. It's funny that some attribute a sharp set of muscles "chemistry"- but, in fact, you just need to eat a lot.

Of course, how will your muscles grow if you do not eat anything? I was always broad-shouldered, but thin, so I had to eat a lot to make muscles. In addition, the body needs protein, and you will not get it from ordinary products. We need isolates.

The diet for muscles

The main rules of the diet for muscle set are very simple: + 20% to the daily norm of calories, 200-250 grams of pure protein( remember that 100 grams of chicken have only 20 g of protein), about 80 grams of fat, and the restcalories for various carbohydrates.

Working on the muscles, do not be afraid to gain a little fat - the body either gaining weight, or not gaining, and when he collects it, not only muscles come, but also fat. If you are afraid of fat, you will not get muscle. The main thing - know the moment when to stop.

How to Dry

During drying, when you want to get rid of fat, while retaining the typed muscles, the most important thing is not to lose these very muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the calorie rate by no more than 20%, and there is also a lot of protein.

I was frightened that a lot of protein is harmful, but these people could not give real proof. There is no research that 200 grams of protein is harmful to the liver or kidneys. On the Internet a lot of horror stories, but usually people do not understand what they write about.

My further plans

Given that I started seriously doing bodybuilding just 15 months ago - I'm at the beginning of the journey. Before that, I was less than 20 years old, and I did not dare to spoil my health;I very much sympathize with those who start at the age of 16, and grow up as a swinging dwarf.

Now I want to emphasize training on muscle mass, and to become a little bigger. I also actively work on the technique of exercises( sit-ups are given to me especially hard), so as not to get injured, working with a serious weight.

The main advice for beginners

First, do not try to engage until you are eighteen years old - my parents and coach were against it, for which I am grateful. Yes, many violate this prohibition, and look for workarounds, but they pay with their future health.

Secondly, remember that food is several times more important than the training itself. If you think that a little chicken and sausage will provide you with a protein norm - you are mistaken. If you want muscles, count with a piece of paper, how much protein and calories you eat. There are no other options.


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