Muscles for the skinny

Who is an ectomorph?

In most cases, one of the three body types predominates in nature: endomorphous( large bone, tendency to weight gain), mesomorphous( muscular with broad shoulders) and ectomorphic( high growth, leanness, weight gain problems).

The most difficult period of recruiting muscle mass for ectomorphs is the beginning of strength training. In order to achieve the desired result and to be inflated, they will have to completely reconsider their diet and, often, change attitudes towards physical exercises.

How to create a training program for effective strength training? Step by step tips.

Set of mass for ectomorphs of

The main difference between metabolism of lean ectomorphs is an increased metabolic rate. If other people easily gain weight with malnutrition, then up to a certain age, the ectomorphs can eat pizza and sweet sodas, without gaining a single gram of fat.

Because the recruitment and maintenance of muscle mass require a significant amount of calories, the ectomorphs either do not provide their body with these calories and do not gain muscle or provide, but the wrong calories of fast food - and gaining primarily subcutaneous fat.

What is there for muscle growth?

Chronic lack of appetite since early childhood teaches ectomorphs to eat not what's useful, but what's delicious. Increase in calorie intake for the purpose of muscle growth often occurs not due to complex carbohydrates, but due to various sweets, sugars and excessively fatty foods.

To gain relief muscles, it is important to avoid empty calories and eat every few hours, creating a mechanism for the emergence of a healthy sense of hunger. The total caloric intake of food should be above the norm by about 10-15%, amounting to about 2500 kcal.

Nutrition and testosterone level

It is important to note that the protein diet and excessive protein intake do not always benefit the ectomorph. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are much more important element for both musculature building and for effective strength training.

Scientific studies suggest that to increase testosterone levels, the amount of calories consumed from carbohydrates should be 2-3 times greater than the number of calories from proteins. The source of carbohydrates at the same time should be a variety of cereals, all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Exercises for the ectomorphs of

Those who are not given weight gain( that is, ectomorphs) need rare but heavy weight training. The swimming, running and other loads must be reduced to a minimum. The most effective training strategy will be the selection of the basic program for muscular set.

The exercises, which make up the basic program, simultaneously involve all the major muscles of the body, triggering hormonal changes and naturally increasing the level of testosterone - all this provides a double help for rapid muscle growth and mass gain.

Topic "Before" and "After" - how did the ectomorphe gain 9 kg of muscle in three months? Program of training and nutrition.

Development of neuromuscular communication

Beginners-ectomorphs often do not know that it is important not just to perform exercises with a lot of weight, but constantly feel the involvement of certain muscles in the work. Only this guarantees that the technique of exercise will not be disturbed, and the load will fall on the muscles that require it.

Otherwise, the risk of not only getting sports injuries, but also creating chronic problems with the lower back and neck pain, is great. That's why you need to choose the correct working weight, and not just chasing the highest possible figure, proving to yourself your "steepness".

Recovery and Rest

Ectomorph is also important to remember that muscles grow not during strength training, but after them. Hypertrophy and increase in muscle fiber occurs through the healing of microdamages and increase glycogen stores in muscle stores - these processes need the body about 2-3 days.

That's why it is recommended to do sports not more than two or three times a week( the duration of training should be 45-60 minutes) and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Daily training( even in the form of an alternation of the gym and other activities) will do more harm than good.


The main rule of the set of muscles for thin ectomorphs is that they are rare, but heavy, weight training with perfect technique and a full sense of involving the muscles in the work. The second component of the set of mass should be the right high-calorie diet.