How to accelerate metabolism?

How to speed up the metabolism and lose weight?

Many believe that to get rid of excess weight enough to speed up the metabolism by taking a magic pill that automatically burns fat. Others, on the contrary, are sure that you need to eat as little as possible and move as much as possible to lose weight. However, both opinions are erroneous.

Metabolism is a complex process that adapts to external factors. Thus exhausting run and hungry diets give an organism a signal that "bad" times have come and fat stocks can not be touched. As a result, metabolism slows down as much as possible - completely against the desire of a person.

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What is metabolism?

Metabolism( or metabolism) is a complex process of converting food calories into energy for the vital functions of the body. Metabolism begins with digestion and ends with breathing during sleep, when the body without the involvement of the brain and completely off-line supplies itself with oxygen.

It is important to note that from a scientific point of view, there is no such thing as a "metabolic rate".The reason is banal - it is unclear what exactly and in what units it is necessary to measure. Accordingly, the metabolism can not be "dispersed" - as it is impossible to understand, slow metabolism or rapid.

Slowed metabolism

If the body sends signals, that the level of loads has increased sharply, and energy intake from food has decreased, the body will begin to save energy. As a result, processes will begin that can be conditionally called a slowing down of metabolism. In simple terms, a person will become sluggish and sleepy.

At the same time, when returning to old habits of nutrition, the body will begin to store heavily fat, trying to prepare for a future lack of calories. The disadvantage is that the longer( and more often) repeated attempts at weight loss, the more violated metabolism.

How to really speed up the metabolism?

The only way to accelerate( or normalize) the metabolism is to combine regular exercise with a 15-20% boost in nutrition. In fact, the body will spend energy to prepare the body for the upcoming physical exertion, storing calories in muscles, and not in adipose tissue.

In addition, it is important that the higher the muscle mass, the more calories it is spent on maintaining it, even at rest - which is the accelerated metabolism. This is the main paradox of metabolism - a fast metabolism is needed for weight gain, not for weight loss.

How to lose weight properly?

If you want to get rid of excess weight, but are not ready for constant physical training, it is better to immediately concentrate on a reasonable diet - in the long run it will be more effective. First of all, you will need to give up carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

Remember that if you accustom your body to spend additional calories on physical activity, the metabolism will be adjusted by increasing appetite. However, when you stop these loads, the appetite will remain the same, and the extra calories will start to go to the fat stores.

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Products that improve the metabolism of

Despite the fact that there are many foods that degrade metabolism - from the excess weight of fast carbohydrates to the set, ending with margarine with its trans fats - only very few products can really improve the metabolism.

The main product for improving metabolism can be called water. The use of liquid in sufficient quantities is necessary not only for digestion, but also for sweating processes - which is also an important part of metabolic processes and the removal of toxins from the body.

Additives to accelerate the metabolism of

As we mentioned, strictly speaking, metabolism can not be accelerated. However, it is possible to increase the overall level of activity of the central nervous system, indirectly accelerating the metabolism - this is how it works both as a widely known caffeine and various fat burners for losing weight.

Separately note that the use of such additives introduces discord into the normal functioning of the body. Typical side effects of fat burners are increased pressure, excessive sweating, trembling in the hands, various sleep disorders and even exacerbation of mental phobias.


Metabolism is the process of converting food energy into energy for the life and work of the body. To accelerate the metabolism you need to eat and actively participate in sports, and diets with a sharp reduction in calories slow down and disrupt the metabolism, forcing the body to store more fat.