The truth about toothpaste

Composition of toothpaste

The ingredients of the modern toothpaste can be divided into several categories: cleaner, foaming agent, bleach, antibacterial component, a substance that reduces the sensitivity of tissues.

As a cleaner and blowing agent, a chemical is used, which is the main ingredient in shampoos and shower gels, dishwashing detergents and other household chemicals - sodium lauryl sulfate.

Risk of sodium lauryl sulfate

It is believed that sodium lauryl sulfate is able to penetrate deeply into the tissues of the human body and accumulate tissues, which can cause changes in the protein composition of cells and lead to the development of diseases such as cataracts.

This ingredient is the greatest danger for children: on the one hand, their body is more sensitive to this element, on the other hand, due to the fact that the paste is flavored and made "tasty", they often swallow it.

Whitening toothpastes

As bleaching elements in the toothpaste can be used as

relatively safe abrasive substances, such as chalk or soda, and peroxides. The most famous peroxide is hydrogen peroxide.

Due to strong oxidizing properties, hydrogen peroxide is used as a means for bleaching tissues, discoloration of hair, and also antiseptic. Long-term contact with the oral cavity can cause irritation and burns.

Toothpaste against caries

Everyone knows that to fight tooth decay in the paste, fluoride compounds are added. But not everyone knows that in most cases these compounds are not able to penetrate the tooth tissue, and are needed only to proudly write on the package "toothpaste with fluoride."

In addition, there are opponents of fluoridation of water and toothpaste, because fluoride is a fairly toxic substance that accumulates in the body and poisons it. The needs of the body in fluoride are minimal, and it is easy to get an overdose.

How to choose a good toothpaste?

First, try not to use whitening toothpastes. They act extremely badly both on enamel, erasing the top layers and drawing out minerals, and on the oral mucosa, causing chemical burns.

Secondly, in no case do not allow toothpaste to enter the stomach, and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after brushing your teeth. If the teeth are cleaned by a child, be sure that he does not swallow the toothpaste and taste it.


Toothpaste contains many chemicals, ingestion of which can cause serious diseases, and teeth whitening at home is dangerously doubly. Also, do not forget about the right choice of toothbrush.



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