Protein or geyner?

What is a Gainer?

Gainer is a sports supplement for increasing muscle mass and increasing total body weight, containing in its composition a mixture of "fast" carbohydrates, proteins, creatine, vitamins and minerals. The word gainer refers to the English verb to gain , meaning in this context a set of muscle mass.

Gainer is recommended to take thin skinny athletes( ectomorphs), having difficulty with the set of muscles. The role of this additive is to increase the total calorie intake, as well as more efficient transportation of nutrients to the musculature by increasing the level of insulin.

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The principle of the action of the weight gainer on muscle growth

The energy for strength training is first of all received from glycogen, the store of carbohydrates in the muscles. That is why after the end of training, the intake of carbohydrates with a high rate of assimilation( and a large glycemic index) positively affects the level of hormones and muscle growth.

The use of a weight gainer, a mixture of fast carbohydrates and proteins, increases the level of insulin, a hormone that opens up the possibility of assimilating nutrients. In addition, this cocktail is more effective than conventional protein, reduces the level of cortisol in the blood, stopping the processes of muscle destruction.

Importance of carbohydrates for weight gain

The belief that muscles grow from active eating of meat, various protein foods and sports protein in powder is only partially true. In reality, muscle growth is impossible without increased caloric intake and a significant amount of the right carbohydrates in it.

Physical loads require glycogen - the reserves of processed carbohydrates stored in muscle tissue. In total, the athlete stores up to 500-600 g of this substance. The lack of carbohydrates in the diet will not allow the body to replenish these reserves, adversely affecting the strength and muscle growth.

How to take a geener?

A typical recommendation of taking a geyner to increase muscle mass is an amount containing 20-30 g of protein and 40-60 g of carbohydrates - most often a single measuring spoon of the finished product, or a measuring spoon of the protein isolate and the corresponding amount of the carbohydrate-containing mixture.

This amount of the gainer must be taken either after, or before and after the strength training. In this case, the separation of the dose into two doses will provide the musculature with the necessary energy for training and will more effectively cover the body's needs in carbohydrates and proteins immediately after its termination.

Is it necessary to take a geyner during the day?

Admission of additional portions of the geyner during the day is permissible only for extremely thin ectomorphs and with a significant shortage of total caloric intake. In all other cases, it is recommended either to get energy from regular food, or to take whey protein.

Given that the predominant part of the carbohydrate weight gainer has a high glycemic index, taking such a high-calorie mixture in isolation from strength training can lead to a rapid recruitment of fat mass. And the fat will grow in the most problematic zone - on the stomach.

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Which is better - a protein or a geyner?

Gainer is necessary only for those who are naturally skinny, athletes who have problems with weight gain. In their case, a normal whey protein with a minimum content of simple carbohydrates will be much less effective than a high-calorie mixture of fast proteins and complex carbohydrates.

In athletes with a propensity to recruit fat mass( body type endomorph), the intake of the geyner can affect the increase in the fat layer. If the purpose of taking sports nutrition is a set of dry weight, endomorphs still recommend the use of whey protein.

How to Cook a Home Gainer?

The way to save on sports nutrition and on the geyner is the self-mixing of whey protein with carbohydrates. In this case, you will not overpay for carbohydrates, which are more than half in the geyner - in fact, they are always much cheaper than the protein isolate itself.

The source of fast carbohydrates can be both isotonic( carbohydrate additives for runners) and even juice. However, it is important to remember that 40-60 g of carbohydrates are two glasses of juice, and most of these carbohydrates will be ordinary sugar or fructose, rather than maltodextrin, as in a geyner or isotonic.


Gainer, a carbohydrate-protein mixture with a high rate of digestion is an important aid in weight gain and muscle growth for lean ectomorphs. The portion of the geyner should be taken either immediately after strength training, or to divide the recommended dose into two doses - before and after training.