How does folk medicine cope with diseases of the spine?

Diseases of the spine today, unfortunately, not uncommon. An incorrect, inactive or overly active way of life, increased stress - all this sooner or later can trigger the onset of pain and restriction in movement.


Any person can develop such ailments, but more often they are found among sportsmen and people whose profession is associated with hard physical labor, lifting weights, as well as those who are in a static position for a long time - students and schoolchildren, office workers,those who are forced to stay for a long time in a certain fixed position. Exacerbates the problem of excess weight and genetic predisposition, injuries, diseases of the muscular and bone tissue. In the article we will analyze the causes of "vertebral diseases", methods of their treatment, as well as treatment of the spine with folk remedies.

Back problems - immediately treated

  • Osteophytes( bone growths)
  • Treatment of protrusions with folk remedies
  • Elimination of the pain syndrome
  • Cervical problems and their treatment
  • Thoracic department
  • Pain in the lumbar spine
  • Spinal metastases: use of the
  • tincture Osteochondrosis- folk recipes
  • Back problems - immediately treated

    Many problems with the spine can be cured at home or significantly alleviate the conditione. Listen to the advice of a vertebrologist, a chiropractor.

    If pain occurs in the back, especially at the end of the day, numbness of the fingertips, weakness in the muscles of the upper or lower extremities, dizziness, headaches, make sure to sign up for an appointment with a specialist. To delay with the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is impossible. This is fraught with not only the development of complications, but also disability.

    playing sports Moreover, you should not start treating the spine with folk remedies, if you do not know the reasons and the exact diagnosis. Soreness and discomfort in the back can be caused by the appearance of bone anomalies - osteophytes, protrusions, chondrosis. Some internal diseases can be "masked", such as inflammation of the kidneys, in which it seems that the back hurts.

    Together with therapy, which appoints a doctor, you can use folk remedies for the treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Preparations based on medicinal plants will contribute to:

    • improvement of well-being;
    • pain relief and discomfort;
    • elimination of the inflammatory process;
    • normalization of the functioning of the joints.

    Osteophytes( bony growths)

    Osteophytes If osteophytes of the spine are diagnosed, treatment with folk remedies should be aimed at eliminating painful symptoms and removing inflammation of surrounding tissues.

    Hawthorn in the fight against bone growths. Brew several spoons of dried finely chopped flowers of the plant with boiling water - 300 ml. Leave it to stand for an hour. After the profile, use 20 ml before each meal. The medicine helps to minimize pain.

    Elder in osteophyte therapy. Brew 20 grams of dried plants with steep boiling water. Strain the composition in a water bath for half an hour. It is recommended to drink 100 ml of the cooled filtered drink at least three times a day.

    Treatment of protrusions with folk remedies

    1. Treatment of protrusions of the spine with folk remedies primarily involves the use of comfrey. Take a fresh rhizome of the plant, chop and mix in equal quantities with natural honey. Take 10 grams of the mixture daily, before breakfast. The duration of the course is two weeks.

    2. Application of tincture of comfrey. Pour the ground roots of the plant with cold water. Leave to soak for a day. At the end of time, drain the liquid and pour the raw material with vodka - 500 ml.

    The composition should be insisted for two weeks. Do not forget to shake the contents from time to time. In the filtered composition, moisten the gauze pad and attach it to the painful patch. Secure the product with a bandage. After an hour, remove the compress. The procedure is recommended to be carried out twice a day: in the morning and before going to bed.

    physiotherapy 3. Application of comfrey oil. To strengthen the cartilaginous tissue and prevent rupture of the fibrous ring, it is recommended to use plant oil. Cut finely the rhizomes and combine gram 50 with vegetable oil - half a liter. Soak the mixture in a warm place for a week. The received preparation rub in a sore point.

    4. Application of garlic tincture. Take garlic, about gram 200, grind and combine with a vodka-glass. Leave the product in a cool place for a week. In the filtered liquid, moisten the linen napkin and attach to the painful patch for half an hour. Keep the compress longer than this time is not recommended, as this can cause a burn.

    You may need material from the article "Cyst of the spine will help cure folk remedies."

    Elimination of the pain syndrome

    1. Take the rhizome of horseradish, grate on a fine grater. Mix the raw materials in the same quantities with sour cream. Lay the mass on the gauze folded in several layers and attach to the affected area. Top with cellophane and bandage. After an hour, remove the compress.
    2. For warming compresses it is recommended to use the following composition: mix the same amount of chamomile with elder, St. John's wort and thyme. Brew the mixture with freshly boiled water and set aside for an hour. In the filtered liquid, moisten the gauze napkin, attach it to the place where the pain is felt. Cover the top with cellophane, cotton cloth and warm with a warm scarf.
    3. A great effect can be achieved by using burdock. Take a few dried leaves, pour them with boiling water and attach to the waist. Cover yourself with a warm kerchief. After two hours, remove the compress.

    Recipes from the article "For the treatment of lumboschialgia, there are proven folk remedies" will also help.

    Cervical problems and their treatment

    The cervical spine, with its complex structure and a wide range of mobility, should remain in good condition to maintain healthy functioning and movement. When there is pain in the neck, which makes it difficult to move your head in any direction, it can significantly reduce the quality of life.

    The problems of this part of the spine cause pain in the neck, sharp or blunt, giving to the shoulder and nearby muscles, can lead to headache, numbness, tingling, stiffness, tenderness, difficulty swallowing and swelling. Most often their causes are incorrect posture ,prolonged static posture when working at the table for long hours, without interruption, sleep in an uncomfortable position( sitting in transport or on a bad pillow), neck strain during exercise. Do not massage the neck area if it hurts. Massage is indicated only during remission.

    1. Relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and give you instant relief of pain relief baths with with magnesium sulfate, which acts as a natural muscle relaxant that helps reduce swelling and pain. The same effect will help to reach the bath with bischofite or bischofite compress.

    2. Ice is one of the easiest folk remedies for relieving neck pain. Cold temperature will help reduce inflammation and alleviate the condition. A bag of frozen peas or lel, wrapped in a terry towel, apply for a short time to the problem area.

    3. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action that can relieve the pain in the neck quickly.

    • Dampen a paper towel in apple cider vinegar. Place it over the affected part of your neck. Leave for a couple of hours. Repeat two times a day until the pain disappears.
    • Alternatively, add two cups of apple cider vinegar to a bath filled with warm water. Take the bath for 15 minutes completely immersed. Do this once a day until you feel relieved.

    4. Exercises.

    • Slowly turn the neck in a circular motion, clockwise, and also counterclockwise to help stretch the muscles and cause a rush of blood into the problem area. This can lead to a slight pain at the beginning, but will eventually help your neck to relax and heal.
    • You can also tilt your neck slowly back and forth, as well as from side to side.

    Each exercise should be done five times per session, three sessions per day. If this is too painful, do not exercise and consult a doctor.

    Thoracic department

    The vast majority of problems in the thoracic department of the call can be treated without thoracic surgery. There are a number of non-surgical treatments that you can try, and often patients must apply a few, or a combination of different treatments to find what works best for them. In many cases of problems of the thoracic spine, the situation will be corrected by the use of manual therapy. An experienced specialist will quickly determine the location of the protrusion of the disc and perform the procedure as comfortably as possible and without pain. In the future, you can be recommended special exercises and preventive measures.

    If you spend many hours a day sitting at a table, focus on good posture, often get up and do stretching exercises, walk a little or do the simplest yoga exercises. Do breaks every 20-30 minutes to avoid sitting for hours while working at the table or watching TV.

    Decide on the use of a supportive ergonomic chair that supports the correct position of the back. In your spare time, try to perform specific target complexes of exercises that strengthen the spine. To relieve tension and pain, the same salt and bischofite baths with a course of 10 baths a day will help.

    Pain in the lumbar spine of the

    Limitation of mobility and pain in the lumbar spine can literally knock the person out of the rut. To remove inflammation and acute pain in such cases, it is recommended to be medicated under the supervision of a doctor( injections, suppositories, blockades, droppers, tablets).During the rehabilitation period, you can see wearing a corset, massage, exercise therapy and physical therapy.

    During the remission try to apply thermotherapy. The use of some form of heat( a bottle of hot water, an electric hot water bottle or a hot bath) increases the flow of blood, and with it the flow of healing oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area, which suppresses pain signals.

    High-quality therapeutic massage will strengthen the blood flow, which in turn helps to nourish and treat the soft tissues surrounding the spine. Massage also triggers the production of endorphins, which are the natural analgesics of your body.

    In addition to traditional massage techniques, such as Swedish massage or deep tissue massage, there are some methods that involve the use of different devices. In each specific case, the effectiveness can be judged only by the patient's condition.

    Spinal metastases: use of

    chaga tincture Collect the milk of walnuts, cut into several pieces. Pour the raw material into a glass jar. Fill the container with purified kerosene. Insist means should be for half a month in a darkened place. To use recommend on a spoon of the filtered medicine twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime. Write down the remedy with tea. The course of therapy is two months.

    You can use another effective tool - infusion of birch mushroom chaga. Pour a gram of 150 dried finely chopped raw materials with 500 ml of water. Leave for three hours. Strain, and pour the cake with a liter of boiling water. After two days, take 200 ml of the filtered product three times a day, half an hour before a meal.

    Osteochondrosis - folk recipes

    There is a separate article on the treatment of this disease.

    Grind the celery roots and brew a few grams of raw material with boiled water - 500 ml. Boil the mixture and leave to heat for six hours. Drink 20 ml of filtered infusion after each meal.

    For sprouts of painful patches advised to use banyag. Mix the powder of banyam - three grams with vegetable oil - 300 ml. With the resulting composition, rub the painful area. After the procedure, cover the area with a cotton cloth and warm it.

    Often, for the treatment of chondrosis folk remedies use lilac. Combine the fresh finely chopped leaves with the plant with fresh radish juice - a glass and the same amount of natural honey. Mix well the ingredients and fill with vodka - half a glass. After a day, the remedy can be used to rub the sick places.

    The ailments of the spine are a serious health challenge. It is important to understand this and if you have discomfort or pain immediately seek help from a doctor. Therapy should be comprehensive and timely. Only in this way you will be able to recover, and importantly, to prevent the occurrence of complications. Drug therapy, physical therapy, medical gymnastics along with drugs from folk remedies will help in minimizing pain, eliminating manifestations of the disease, improving the condition and well-being.