The Benefits of Red Wine

The "French Paradox"

The arguments about the benefits of wine are based on the study of Angel Keesa in 1953 - he found that French residents who drink wine in moderation for a long time have fewer health problems.

The study does not take into account that most often wine consumers are people who are more educated and wealthy, and for these reasons their health is indeed better. In addition, the statistics of Kis collected in 22 countries, and the results were published only to 6.

Antioxidants and red wine

Red wine does contain polyphenols - substances that release free radicals from body tissues and are antioxidants. In white wine they are not, because they are present only in the skin of red grapes.

But polyphenols are contained in other products. For example, in the dark chocolate bar they are contained 8 times more than in a glass of wine. In addition, wine generally does not contain any substances that are not present in grape juice or other products.

Studies on the effects of wine on the body

In 1993, the World Health Organization analyzed more than 500 independent studies on wine consumption and did not find a single study that clearly revealed the benefits of white or red wine.

It seems that the theory of utility of moderate consumption of wine is based on the fact that it is impossible to feel harm from small doses of alcohol. When the fact that alcohol really negatively affects the body - obviously.

Alcohol and Muscle Growth

The wine itself is not caloric at all - on average, the glass contains 100 calories, and only 5% of these calories are absorbed by the body. But alcohol affects the body in a complex way - it inhibits the metabolism and protein metabolism processes.

Alcohol consumption, even in small doses, stops fat burning processes for up to 12 hours, increasing dehydration of tissues, and stopping muscle growth and recovery. Having drunk a glass of vodka, you literally cross out the week of training.

How much wine can you drink without harm to health?

Knowing about the harm of something does not mean stopping it. We are all aware of the dangers of alcohol, but deliberately deceive ourselves that wine is really useful. But we will tell fairly - we drink far not for reception of a dose of antioxidants.

If we talk about a dose that is not noticeable for the body, it is a total of 300-400 ml of red or white wine a week, taken on different days. It is important that the exchange of proteins suffers less than the metabolism and fat burning processes.


There is no proof of the theory of the benefits of any wine, but there are studies showing the harm of alcohol for muscle growth and weight loss. Even small doses of wine affect metabolism, slowing it down and preventing you from getting rid of fat.



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