Salt balls for the bath "Aromatic Peaches" and "Tropical Mango" by Valent Vota

Солевые шарики для ванны "Ароматные персики" и "Тропическое манго" от Valent Vota


I want to tell you about two very appetizing ball for a bath with bright fruit flavors. I'm sorry for sweet fruit smells and with a few exceptions they almost do not bother me, because I mostly use them only on weekends. Two of these balls are united by the fact that their smells resemble rather not the ripe fruit itself, but fruit chewing gum or marmalade, insanely delicious smells! And what I like, in them there is absolutely no this sharp nasty acidification, which sometimes occurs in such odors. Thank you for this manufacturer.))

Both balls have a weight of 90 grams, that is, they are smaller than most of the usual bombs and from this dissolve faster. They have a more delicate bubbling than a fountain of bubbles. However, the bombs themselves coolly turn under the water and color the water in a light color.

Balloon "Tropical mango":

Солевые шарики для ванны "Ароматные персики" и "Тропическое манго" от Valent Vota фото 1

The packaging for all balls is the same and traditional in general for handmade cosmetics. From the bottom is a sticker wi

th the name of the bomb( suddenly confuse them with each other at home, because to take out of the store only one is not possible.)))

Tropical mango has a fresh and sweet smell, a little melon, yes, it looks like a mango and converges in perfume withchewing gums, which are usually called "tropical mix" or something like that. Or the fruit juice is similar, yes.)) The bomb almost does not stain water, it remains transparent. The aroma is clearly heard the first five minutes, and then disappears. In general, the warmer the bath, the longer it will play, but it will not last long.

Солевые шарики для ванны "Ароматные персики" и "Тропическое манго" от Valent Vota фото 2

There is little oil in the bomb, it is almost not felt and does not settle on the bath, so you definitely will not have to clean it.:) However, the skin after it is soft, you can not use a moisturizer.

Bullet ball "Fragrant peaches":

Солевые шарики для ванны "Ароматные персики" и "Тропическое манго" от Valent Vota фото 3

The bomb is in many respects identical to the first. But, firstly, it dyes the water in a gentle-crimson color, and secondly, the smell still lasts longer, and it remains a light train on the skin. Very nice, I must say, as if you splashed a light haze with a fruity scent.

The aroma of the bomb is like peach juice. You close your eyes, breathe in and see before you a glass of juice with a tender flesh( which I set myself in the bathroom!), A sunny Mediterranean morning and. .. cud. I see the cud.: D But, as I said, the fragrance is delicate and does not upset me at all. On the contrary, even the mood raises, it is pleasant to bathe with these balls. In my opinion, they are inferior to the balls of the stand, which have more oil and smell longer, but this is individual. In this ball, too, little oil.

Солевые шарики для ванны "Ароматные персики" и "Тропическое манго" от Valent Vota фото 4

In general, both bombs left me a pleasant impression and were imprinted in memory as two similar ones, so I decided to write one review on them.)) Unfortunately, their fragrance does not live as long as I love( I'm one of those who can takebath indecently long).