Coniferous natural extract in briquettes "Gold of the forest" from OOO "Tikhvinsky leskhimzavod"

Экстракт хвойный натуральный в брикетах "Золото леса" от ООО "Тихвинский лесхимзавод"


Most people are used to taking coniferous baths in the cold season, when you want to get warm in a hot fragrant bath. Especially since the smell of pine needles, pine, spruce cones so pleasantly brings us thoughts about the approaching New Year, fun and celebration.

However, for me these bathtubs were very much in demand in the summer. The fact is that all August turned out to be very tense: work and stresses constantly gave rise to fatigue and bad sleep, in general fatigue accumulated, but no moods or strengths were added. Then I noticed a very simple but effective way - taking aromatic baths. I was looking for a simple sea salt with flavors, but something necessarily natural, and my choice fell on coniferous extract.

Экстракт хвойный натуральный в брикетах "Золото леса" от ООО "Тихвинский лесхимзавод" фото 1

A simple cardboard box with magical contents inside from the domestic manufacturer of LLC "Tikhvinsky leskhimzavod".The composition is completely natural: coniferous extract, essential pine oil, natural salt.

Inside there are two briquettes, he

rmetically packed in a thick film:

Экстракт хвойный натуральный в брикетах "Золото леса" от ООО "Тихвинский лесхимзавод" фото 2

You open the film - and you are covered with a warm, stunning aroma of pine needles, forest air. For those who like coniferous baths and saunas, this fragrance will appeal to all 100%!It is not only the smell of coniferous essential oils familiar to us, there are also smells of bark and wood tar.

Briquettes are dense black-brown mass, very hard.

Экстракт хвойный натуральный в брикетах "Золото леса" от ООО "Тихвинский лесхимзавод" фото 3

One side of each brusochka is densely sprinkled with salt, the other - almost all glossy, shiny. To get a conifer bath with a thick saturated infusion, half of this piece is enough. Dissolve it is necessary under the stream of hot water, then the slab dissolves in a couple of minutes. And voila!get a hot aromatic natural healing bath! The color of the water, of course, turns brown, like a strong brewed tea, translucent. The aroma of dissolution does not disappear anywhere, it does not saturate the entire bath, it rather "permeates" the air in the room, the water also smells of resin.

Экстракт хвойный натуральный в брикетах "Золото леса" от ООО "Тихвинский лесхимзавод" фото 4

The effect of making such a bath is just fabulous! Irritation and fatigue disappear, on the contrary, there is energy and a desire to do something! The minimum course of 10 baths promises to remove insomnia, headache and fatigue, improve mood and overall psychological mood of a person, but I felt significant improvements in sleep and well-being much earlier, about 4-5 times. This is not surprising, because coniferous baths are objectively considered therapeutic - they improve blood circulation and breathing, improve appetite and sleep. Essential oils and organic acids increase skin tone, causing a pronounced cosmetic effect. Mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins contained in the resin are actively able to penetrate the skin into the blood and actively affect the salt and fat deposits. By itself I can say that extra pounds certainly did not go anywhere, but the pimples on my back, which often bother me in the summer with heat and sweat, quickly healed, and the skin on my back became clean, without a single spot.

In general, this product really deserves attention - work capacity rises, energy and well-being are restored. I wish you all a good mood!