How correctly to sunbathe?

What is the danger of heat stroke?

Fans of hours lying under the scorching sun often forget that such behavior is fraught with a heat stroke, which, in fact, is a serious disruption of the body, capable of leading to death.

The body can not lower body temperature by itself and overheats, which leads to denaturation of protein tissues. Symptoms of heat stroke - nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness. It is also important that a heat stroke can occur even after the beach.

What is better to drink on the beach?

Lack of fluid is one of the key moments leading to a heat stroke. Try to drink at least a liter of chilled, but not cold liquid, when you are on the beach or just under the sun. Of course, you should not even add that various aerated and sweet drinks are not strictly recommended, because they give only an illusory quenching of thirst. Not to mention the fact that the habit of drinking beer in the heat is doubly dangerous.

How to protect the eyes in the sun?

Ultraviolet rays entering the spectrum of solar radiation can seriously damage the retina of the eye - getting on it, they cause microheating, which, again, can lead to protein denaturation or burns.

Remember that cheap models of sunglasses do not from glass absorbing UV rays, but from plastic that passes them. Expanded in the "darkness" the pupil is able to absorb a lot more harmful rays than without glasses at all.

Can I get a cold on the beach?

Skin pigmentation through the production of melanin - a protective reaction of the body to the effects of sunlight. Strictly speaking, sunburn is not as useful as we want to think, and the need for vitamin D is easily covered by ten minutes in the sun.

It is important to note that a sunburn can cause a decrease in natural immunity, and if you still drink ice water, do not be surprised if the next day your health worsens and you feel a cold.

How correctly to sunbathe?

First, it's safer to be on the beach either before noon, or after four o'clock in the afternoon, when the activity of the sun's rays is not so great. Secondly, it is most sensible to sunbathe not under direct rays, but in the shade or under a beach umbrella.

It is not recommended to wash off the natural fat layer from the skin before sunburn - it helps the skin to remain moisturized, and absorbs some of the harmful radiation. In addition, you must always use sunscreen, otherwise the skin grows older.


Sunbathing on the beach can be quite dangerous if you neglect the basic rules. It is necessary to use quality sunglasses, moisturizing cream, as well as not to overheat, and not to sunbathe at noon.



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