Gel for the treatment of acne Cleansite-C from Glenmark


Immediately make a reservation that my skin is not helped by the basidon( it does not help at all, as if it did not smear), zinc ointment - also about anything, the propeller once coped, now the effect is not very high, tar soap - yes, but verydry the skin, salicylic acid pharmacy solution - yes, but also dry and slightly zhirnit T-zone. The only thing that steadily helps me out is Zinerit. But when he really needed it, he was not in nearby pharmacies, and I had to take Clenzite gel as a test, especially since I heard that he seemed to be as effective.

Some believe that all such gels are based on simple drying moisture in the skin of the action, they say, excess water from the cell goes away, microbes develop becomes more difficult and the pimple is dried and passes faster, but from the same peeling after using such remedies. Here I can not definitely say that the skin after use has somehow dried, I did not observe the peeling either.

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The agent is enclosed in such a small tube, there is a small minus - the opening of the neck is very large, the gel can flow out from it without care:

Gel for the treatment of acne Cleansite-C from Glenmark photo 2

The gel is translucent, odorless, the consistency is very watery, the heat begins to spread immediately on the skin and quicklyabsorbed into the skin. I put this gel on a clean dry skin point to the problem area and the skin around it. Any sensations at it does not arise, the gel is quickly absorbed and all. And you know, it works - for a night the pimple decreases and there is no redness, the skin, I repeat, is not dried, no peeling. The sensation that the pimple ripens and passes inside, and not as usual outside. To completely cure the affected area to a smooth skin without a hint of post acne / scars, you need three to five nights, depending on the extent of the lesion.(Zinerit also acted on me, only he really dried and pulled my skin).

In general, the remedy really works. I'll make a little comparison with Zinerite. Zinerit, I use the whole face like lotion, so it reduces pimples, and the skin soon heals, and new pimples appear less, but the skin needs to be moistened very well. I use clenzite point-by-point, so it does not help with new pimples, but at the place where it was used, there are no more of them. And I do not observe any traces after them.

Gel for the treatment of acne Cleansite-C from Glenmark photo 3

And yet. The manufacturer does not write in vain, that you need to use the gel on clean, dry skin. A couple of times I also smeared on top / or to the gel regular moisturizing cream and each time received a burning sensation at the place where the gel was, it was necessary to wash again. There were no serious consequences, but the burning is still not pleasant. Therefore, I now use gel as needed, point-by-point, after a moisturizing tonic and everything is ok.

One more tip about Clensite from Tesla - http: // preparaty-dlya-borby-s-akne-klenzit-s-i-klenzit-ot-glenmark