Cleansing strips for the nose from L'action cosmetique

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For the first time I bought a similar tool, becauseespecially did not believe in their effectiveness. But curiosity took its toll, and took in general the packaging for the trial.

The size of the stripes is good, even wider than in the picture, enough to grab and expanded pores next to the wings of the nose. Do not smell, stick well. The instructions say that the skin needs to be cleaned well and moistened( that's what made me mislead).Has washed, has rubbed with tonic humidifying or wetting and has solved, that humidified or tampered thus.:-))) I stuck a strip, cleaned all the air bubbles and waited 15 minutes( everything was done according to the instructions).I took off in general in due time without effort and unpleasant sensations and here it is - it worked. I've never seen anything like this - the contents of the pores remained on this strip. But the clogged pores left very partially, but still quite a decent amount. Then I read at various forums and I realized how

wrong I was when I talked about the word "moisten" - well, I could not think that it was necessary just to soak the skin with water.:-)))( for me, hydration is inextricably linked with creams, masks, tonics, etc.) In general, when the next time I did the procedure, I moistened the skin with a little water and stuck it first.

The difference in this method is expressed in 4 points:

1. It was very painful to remove,
2. All the skin where the strip was - remained very red for another 30 minutes after removing the strip,
3. Some of the sticky part of the strip remains on the skin, well, the most important and pleasant,
4. The effectiveness of the application is increased several times, the bars appeared already along the entire perimeter of the strip, removing what was hammered into the pores at the very nose( especially the wings of the nose were cleaned) and next to the cheeks where the poresexpanded - also cleaned. Decided to experiment, and strips on the chin - the effect was also sooo good and on the forehead - the effect is zero( although there are no visible black spots and the pores are not enlarged).

In general, I have nothing to compare, but as an independent product, the strips quite pleased me. But for the bad tearing and red skin, the assessment is still lower.