Regenerating face mask with extract of goji berries "Himalayan secrets" from Avon


Girls twiddling noses from the words "Avon" and other "mass-markets", you can pass by, today's my tip on the mask from Avon.:)

I myself am not a special lover of Avon, wrote a couple of negative reviews on maxi from this series of Planet Spa, but this mask was presented to me by a friend, it was indecent to refuse, so she was with me.

The mask in a tube of 75 ml, not so big, but also not small, I think, will not have time to bother.

The tuba itself is so pleasant to touch, slightly rough, matte, very nice to hold in hands.

The opener is very comfortable, it is located on the bottom of the tube, it is convenient to put it on it and open it with one hand:

The mask in the tube is 75 ml, not very big, but not small, I think it will not get bored. The tube itself feels nice, rough, so I would say matte, in general - it's nice to hold it in your hands. Ookryvashka is very comfortable, it is located on the bottom of the tube, you can put it on the shelf, wh

en the mask will end, you do not have to shake the bottle - it all flows down, well, it opens very easily, literally with one hand.

So, we open and smell. .. the divine smell of something floral, summer, bright, like strawberries and greens - a very pleasant aroma strikes the nose! The mask has a burgundy-pink color, in consistence similar to a gel for washing. In the composition of any kind of pearls and hated mother-of-pearl - a matte, slightly transparent substance. On the face is distributed well, does not slip off the skin, if not overdo it with the amount of application. It is written that to keep on the face only 4-10 minutes. I kept about ten, on the skin mask slightly "withered", dried, but not to the crust, a little absorbed. To wash it is quite problematic, the gel consistency sticks to the skin and after a lapse of 10 minutes it turns slightly into a jelly. .. In principle, for me it is not literal, but still a little pleasant to wash off something incomprehensible about five minutes.:) The only thing that saved the mask from my rabies at this moment is its smell.:)

The properties of the mask is nothing. Matirova she did not give( but it was not declared by the manufacturer), I did not feel any particular moistening. True, the skin has become a little softer and more pleasant, but I do not think it's because of the mask, after all, washing has done its job.:)

Bottom line: no effect, just a nice fragrance. Worse than the mask did not( allergy, redness, peeling, etc.), but it also did not become better.