Boiling balloon handmade "Women's View" from Mylovarov

Boiling balloon handmade "Women


This bomb has long been lying with me and was waiting for the moment when I would finally want to pamper myself. The fact that I do not really like "perfume" flavors in body products, because very often they are sharp and not as pleasant as the perfume itself. And here a couple of days ago I was just examining my shelf with body cosmetics for what would drop into the bath and, once again sniffing this bomb I decided that it would be welcome - in my head there is still an association that J 'Adore well relieves nervous tension and means some pleasant entertainment: I used to always use it for evening events like theaters and exhibitions.

Boiling balloon handmade "Women

The bomb, of course, has a soapy soapy weight and I really like it - more useful substances enter the bath, the longer the bubbling. It is packed, as you can see, in a standard crisp bag for the brand and has an accompanying label. The smell of the bomb begins to leak through the packaging. Ura-hurray, he is absolutely not sharp! Yes, b

right, yes, memorable, yes, even similar to J'Adore, but he does not have a headache and does not pinch his nose. It's so nice! Recently, I do not really like the means for a body with a strong smell.

This balloon is consonant: I again tried to break it( out of curiosity), but my attempts, like all the previous ones, did not succeed. In the hand to keep it nice - beautiful, tricolor, fragrant and. .. with small red sparkles! I did not immediately see them, there are not very many on the surface of the ball. All those reddish blotches that you see - this is the very sparkles. Of course, I had very bold expectations on their account.

Boiling balloon handmade "Women

Nothing foretold troubles, as they say.:) But the effect of the bomb was not at all what I expected. Let's go through the points:

Boiling. Intense, the bomb was spinning and spinning around itself at the bottom of the tub, but quite fast - it took only about 50 seconds for it to dissolve completely.

Color. The water has turned to a pleasant yellowish color, it has remained practically transparent.

Smell. The first three minutes the smell was tangible, I was so happy about it! After all, the bomb does not contain essential oils, and perfumes are usually quite weak. But I was happy exactly the first five minutes, then the smell almost completely disappeared.

Contents of the bomb: oil and sparkles. This is where the full feil happened. The oil in this bomb is enough, it seemed to me that more than in the rest - it is felt, though still remains invisible. But sparkles. .. because of the fact that the oil is unevenly distributed in the water, the sequins also collect "in the colony" together with butter for 4-6 pieces. Here you imagine this picture: a bath with a light perfume aroma, pale yellow water and maroon glosses that float like bits, most of them settles on the walls of the bathroom. In the water itself, they are less than settled on the body and actually on the bath. For the first time in my life I did not want to take a bath for more than 10 minutes, on the contrary, I wanted to get up and wash off this horror, which, besides, can accumulate on some inaccessible places of the body - on the shoulders, for example.

And just water they do not flush. I could not feel how the oils moistened my skin, because all this beauty is washed off( you know, to be in a dark red dot somehow. .. it looks like some kind of skin disease) just with shower gel. Hooray, right from the first time. And then I also had to nib a bath.

Boiling balloon handmade "Women

In general, the very zest of this bomb - sparkles - and spoiled everything. Without them, it would be nothing, but with them. .. brr.