Natural handmade soap "Morskoye" from Lena Green


Probably, many of you know that our beloved Lena WildBerry at leisure is fond of soap making. And we so dreamed of trying something done by her hands - it's always interesting to test something that your friend did.:) Here at last Lena opened her little shop and all the sufferers had an opportunity to buy themselves something interesting for testing.

All of Lena's soap is packed in thick paper and tied with sisal-like threads, and brief and detailed notes are also attached. Unfortunately, I could not take a picture of the soap in the package, as my husband( as usual) experienced a typical story - the shower gel was over and my, not yet soothed, soap deposits were sent to go.)))

It, by the way, is very pretty executedfor soap, cooked from scratch.:) Admire yourself. Mineral ultramarine gives the soap a pleasant bluish tint, and a golden bowl on top forms a starfish.

Натуральное мыло ручной работы "Морское" от Lena Green фото 1

The aroma of the soap is pleasant, rosemary-menthol, not very strong and rather fresh. Good for heat.:) However, the soap does not cool completely and does not leave a smell on the body. If someone is concerned about the hypothetical supposed aroma of algae, then I hasten to please, it is difficult to catch it here, if not impossible. I, at least, do not feel it.)

In the soap, as inclusions, a lot of small pieces of algae. I do not know if they are of any practical use( maybe they are extracted in the process of cooling the soap?), But I did not like their presence in this soap. The fact that they are some particularly sticky and to wash them off the walls in the bathroom, you have to additionally then include a head in the shower more. It seems to me, without them it would be better.:)

Натуральное мыло ручной работы "Морское" от Lena Green фото 2

In general, soap has a set of qualities of a good, exemplary handmade soap, welded from scratch on oils. I liked its economy, washed off not so fast as we leave the brusochki - it pleasantly surprised me. Forms a soft foam, cream, and does not dry the skin. Very good cleanses the skin even after jogging - yes, this soap is pleasant to use on the whole body.

What else? Oh, yes, it does not creep in the soapbox and does not break up into pieces.

In general, an excellent soap, especially pleased with aesthetic and eye-pleasing performance.:)

Натуральное мыло ручной работы "Морское" от Lena Green фото 3