Powerful menthol harm

Cigarettes with a button - what is it?

The so-called "button cigarettes" are cigarettes having a special capsule with an aromatic composition inside the filter. When you press the filter in a certain place( on the "button") the capsule bursts, changing the taste of the cigarette being smoked. Most often, the flavor is menthol.

The list of cigarettes sold in Russia is quite large: KENT Iswitch, Marlboro Ice Boost, Rothmans Demi Click, Winston XStyle Dual Taste, BOND Street Premium Mix and many others. However, in some countries of the world such cigarettes are prohibited because of their increased harm to health.

Why smoking hookah is dozens times more harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes? Scientific evidence. What is harmful for menthol cigarettes?

Scientific studies show that the menthol contained in cigarettes makes the smoking process more pleasant - in fact, for the respiratory tract, menthol couples act as an anesthetic. This is what gives the feeling of a specific "pleasant chill" and allows you to tighten with smoking more.

Unfortunately, menthol affects the metabolism of nicotine, slowing the rate of its absorption( 1) - a person who smokes, trying to get his usual dose of nicotine from a menthol cigarette, starts smoking faster, while making more powerful puffs. As a result, the lungs get a double blow.

12-fold chance of developing the cancer

As the person tightens stronger when smoking menthol cigarettes, the smoke gets into the deeper zones of the respiratory tract and lungs, potentially increasing the risk of cancer. In addition, as we already mentioned above, a menthol lover usually smokes more cigarettes a day.

Comparison of active smokers who smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day shows that the chance of developing cancer is 12 times higher for those who prefer menthol cigarettes to conventional cigarettes( 2).However, tobacco companies refuse to accept these figures, casting doubt on the mechanics of research.

How do menthol cigarettes?

Menthol cigarettes first appeared in the US in the 1920s. The first few decades of their existence, they successfully moved to the market as a means to increase the "level of comfort in the throat" and used in advertising smiling doctors confidently reporting the benefits of smoking.

Note that in menthol cigarettes mint is not contained in tobacco, but in tobacco paper or in a filter( as in the case of cigarettes with a button).At the same time, this real mint oil is used only in the most expensive brands - in most cases a cheap synthetic flavor is used.

Banning menthol cigarettes

Happy times for tobacco campaigns have long passed. In America, since the 1960s, they have been banned from using smiling doctors in advertising, and in the 1990s the regulatory authorities in many countries have seriously taken up the study of the increased health risk caused by smoking menthol cigarettes.

Brazil became the first country in the world, in 2012, completely banned for sale flavored cigarettes - including menthol and cigarettes with a button. The European Union plans to ban such cigarettes by 2022.Also, flavored cigarettes are partially banned in the US.

How exactly smoking and cigarettes interfere with physical training and muscle growth - the data of scientific research.

The main reason for the prohibition of

Initially, it was believed that menthol cigarettes increase the chance of developing lung cancer, but tobacco companies have placed this claim in doubt( 3).However, they could not object to the facts that menthol significantly increases the level of dependence on cigarettes and significantly hinders quitting smoking.

Statistics show that menthol cigarettes are becoming more popular among teenagers - especially this trend is manifested in the case of "fashionable" thin cigarettes with a button. Unfortunately, the sooner a person starts smoking, the more he risks being exposed to health.

The ban of menthol cigarettes in Russia

In the US, flavored cigarettes( except for menthol) are banned since 2009, and menthol should be banned until 2020.The Ministry of Health of Russia is also actively fighting with smoking - cigarette prices are constantly rising, and the minimum age for their sale is planned to rise to 21 years.

Domestic lawmakers have long considered the proposal of the Council on Public Health and Demography( CCHR) on the complete ban of flavored and menthol cigarettes, but no specific dates were mentioned - this indicates that menthol fans have a minimum of 5 years.


Statistics show that active smokers of menthol cigarettes significantly increase the risk of developing lung cancer, but tobacco companies are not ready to believe this data. However, they can not deny that menthol cigarettes make a person much more dependent on smoking.

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