Squats with body weight

The best exercise for the buttocks

Squats are among the five most important exercises required for complex body training. With the help of squats, not only the muscles of the thighs and buttocks develop, but also, due to the load on the muscles of the body, a tight and flat stomach is formed.

The main difference between squats for girls is that due to their less muscular mass and wider pelvis it is more difficult for them to perform the exercise technically correctly even with minimal weight. However, it is squats that are important for creating elastic buttocks.

New project FitSeven: advice to girls to create an elastic and tight body. Operation Bikini - Week 1.

Exercise for burning fat on the hips

Because the muscles of the legs consist of slow fibers, using fat as fuel( unlike the muscles of the upper half of the body consisting of fast fibers that need carbohydrates), it is in the buttock zoneand the hips of girls usually accumulate "excess reserves".

Regularly performing squats with high repetitions not only tones muscles, but normalizes metabolism, causing the body to burn fat in the problem area - that's why squats are really capable of improving a female figure.

Squatting for girls

Because of the wider pelvis in girls, the load on the joints when performing sit-ups increases. Since the femur approaches the knee joint at a large angle, this makes the knee position less stable, increasing the risk of injury when there is a load.

Given that the trapezius muscles fixing the bar in a stable position, the girls are weaker, it is fundamentally difficult for them to hold weight on their shoulders. Squats with a barbell should be performed by girls solely under the supervision of a professional coach.

The main rules of squats for girls

1. The look is directed forward. While doing sit-ups, it is important not to look down at your feet, but forward - otherwise you may lose your balance. The view should be directed to a point located on the floor 3-4 meters in front of you.

2. Body weight on heels. One of the main errors in squats is the transfer of weight from heels to socks. In order to distribute the body weight correctly, it is necessary to put the feet on the width of the shoulders. Shoes must be on a thin flat sole.

3. The back is straight. Rounding of the back is the first cause of injury to girls when doing sit-ups. Correctly performed sit-ups require a flat back and straightened, slightly backward shoulders( the chest is slightly bulging upwards).

4. The bottom point is below the horizontal. At the bottom of the thigh should be slightly below the horizontal, otherwise the buttocks are only partially included in the work. If it's hard for you to crouch low with your arms outstretched, keep them piled together( the pose of "prayer").

5. Sit back, not forward. Squats should repeat the movement, in which you seem to sit on a chair, not bending over and not falling forward - while doing the exercises, make sure that your knees do not go beyond the line of your big toes.

Which sit-ups should I start with?

It is recommended for girls to start correct squats with the easiest version with the help of hands on the gymnastic shelf bodybuilder - this will allow you to feel the work of the muscles. Then you can go to squats with hands together.

Another way to understand the correct technique of exercise are squats with a landing on a low box or bench - just position them under the buttocks and squat to light touch. In this case, you really will feel which muscles you use.

How many approaches to do?

As FitSeven mentioned above, leg training for girls requires performing exercises with a high number of repetitions - and, accordingly, a small enough weight. High weights and exercise in 5-7 repetitions should be used only by men.

Start with 10-15 repetitions of squats on the box, then 1-2 sets of 15-20 sit-ups with hands joined together, and then - the main 2-3 sets of squats with arms stretched out in front of them with the maximum number of repetitions in each.


Squats with body weight - one of the best physical exercises available to girls to form elastic buttocks even at home. The main secrets of the correct squatting technique are a forward look, a straight back and a straightened chest.