Natural handmade soap "Solyanoe" from Mylarov


We are used to the idea that soap is a simple remedy for cleaning the skin of the hands and body. Meanwhile this hygiene means has its own history. I want to tell you about different types of soap by the example of natural soap from Mylovarov. This domestic manufacturer produces a whole line of different types of natural soap without artificial colors, dyes and fragrances. This soap is produced using the same technology as thousands of years ago, so it is especially interesting to study the characteristics of each variety on its example.

I'll start with the most, in my opinion, unusual - salt soap.

Натуральное мыло ручной работы "Соляное" от Мыловаров фото 1

Salt soap is made on the basis of sea salt, which has unique healing and healing properties. For a long time of the natural process of education, nature has provided sea salt with a perfectly balanced complex of biologically active macro- and microelements. The use of sea salt gives a lot of health and cosmetic effects: from the treatment of the cardiovascular and nervous systems to the treatment of skin diseases.

Salt soap is used for toning wellness and beauty treatments. It gives elasticity and velvety skin( normalizes blood flow in the skin and metabolism).Affects young skin cells, strengthening and nourishing them. It removes toxins from the body, stimulates the renewal of skin cells, promotes splitting of fatty deposits, has anti-cellulite properties. Salt soap is great for oily and problematic skin, as it deeply cleanses, has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Also this soap perfectly cleans and deodorizes the skin of the feet.

Such a soap is very hard, perfectly smooth, like a polished stone. Natural salt soap is not a scrub, the salt is washed off evenly. Therefore, it is very easy to distinguish natural salt soap from soap from the base with the addition of salt. If you promise a salt soap-scrub, then this is not a natural salt soap.

Due to the fact that the salt greatly reduces foaming( ordinary soap, for example, does not foam at all in salt water), a salt soap is made with a lot of foaming coconut oil. This soap does not give a lush foam, it is more like foam cream.

It is necessary to store salt soap in an open not metal soap dish.

I was a little afraid of drying my skin when using salt soap. All the same this soap is not for sensitive skin, but it turned out to be very gentle with a soft creamy foam. In addition, in salt soap from Mylovarov used almond oil to soften the skin and neutralize the drying effect.

Натуральное мыло ручной работы "Соляное" от Мыловаров фото 2

I do not feel the essential oils, soap is almost without flavor, just smells a little iodine.

I tried to wash it whole and wash my face - it cleans up the squeak, but does not overdry. A disinfectant and healing effect is noticed, small scratches disappear faster. On the anti-cellulite effect, I can not say anything, I'm not sure that soap, in principle, affects the condition of subcutaneous tissues, but in combination with citrus scrub, warming massage and physical exertion will not be superfluous.

Now my husband is actively using salt soap. He has oily skin, often there are eruptions on the face, back and shoulders. So after two weeks of daily use of salt soap, the problem areas were reduced, the skin became lighter and cleaner. His impressions are as follows: a pharmaceutical smell;dense not fluffy foam;Do not become deformed;slowly washed off;Do not dry your skin, even with frequent use. This soap is in second place in his personal rating after tar.

So, salt soap is undoubtedly a very interesting variety. It definitely can be recommended for men due to deodorizing and refreshing effects and for people with oily, problem skin due to disinfectant and whitening action. Also, it will be relevant for toning in the summer.