Compact powder Les Violettes poudre presse from Guerlain


First about my skin. She is very pale and has always been quite problematic - her nose, forehead and cheeks are fat, her cheekbones are rather dry. And the nose, despite the fat content, is often peeling and there are black dots on it. Periodically there are eruptions and the most disgusting - allergy on the cheeks( under the eyes) in the form of red spots, which almost never came off during 5 years of study in Moscow.(Now the study is over with daily rides in Moscow, I follow a certain diet, I use a three-tiered system of clinics and the stains almost came off and pimples appear only before the days of "X").

After reading positive reviews about this brand decided to buy a powder for parryur, but initially it seemed to me a very dark dark. The consultant advised me to take Les Violettes paired with a tonal Guerlain Fleur De Teint ultra mat( I'll certainly write about it, too).She immediately said that the powder is transparent( my tone is 01) and is intended to be applied to the tone.cream and makeup corrections during the day.

I tried to apply myself, without a tone, but since there are shortcomings on my skin using a corrector. The face turns pale, but the powder is not visible. It does not emphasize peeling, but does not hide them, does not emphasize the black points on the nose and again does not hide them. Also it will not hide any disadvantages, becauseis transparent. In my opinion it can not be overdone, so you can safely apply a sponge, although I mostly apply it with a brush at home, outside the house - sponge. And of course I should notice that you can not do without blush, otherwise you will get a face without forms and expressions( compared to parryure - it's not scary to apply without blush).At once I will tell, that a voice-frequency cream Fleur De Teint ultra mat rescues it, tk.has a pink palate, while not pinking the face( which is especially important for me, since I still have a cold complexion for all its pallor in serine).Thus, with this tone of complexion is more "alive".

I was very upset that it does not contain light reflectors or any elements that would visually reduce the pores. But the skin relief it still slightly smoothes and yet pleased that it does not weight the foundation, as some compact powders do. The nose with it starts to shine after hours 3( it is not important whether the foundation is applied or not).

Thus, I use it very rarely( bought half a year ago, not even a third).At home - I put a brush on the foundation on the nose and forehead( for everything else - meteorites), outside the house - I correct the makeup. I expected more from her, so "4".