Face Mask "Sour-Smooth" from Meela Meelo


I use this masochka since the fall, but still there was no getting together and not write a review. Fix.) This is another mask from a series of fresh masks Meela Meelo. It is intended for bleaching skin, narrowing pores and moisturizing. The active substances are wax and lemon oil. I was particularly interested in lightening - during the exacerbation of problems the skin is of a non-uniform color, some spots are visible, the pores are enlarged, so the mask was bought just to combat all these shortcomings.

About my type of skin: combined, closer to oily, sometimes problematic( when bad luck - badly problematic), behaves unpredictably in winter - you can simultaneously see a fat T-zone and dryness on the cheeks. The pores are dilated on the nose and cheeks, prone to clogging. Sensitive.

Packaging: is already a familiar jar with an unscrewing lid, the standard for Meela Meelo design. I like the good volume for such masks, they are generally endless, this one has not used half as well.

Physical properties: in consistence, it is thick, creamy, homogeneous - without any grains in the composition. It is applied to the skin easily, it is also easily distributed, it does not flow. On the face withered crust for 10 minutes, a little pulls together the skin. Aroma - lemon confectionery. Not a pure sour lemon, but sweet, like a lemon biscuit. Very pleasant, but for me a bit unexpected - I thought that it would be just a lemon.

Application of : I use on cleansed face, as recommended by the manufacturer. I hold 10-15 minutes, until completely dry, then wash off with a sponge, as it is washed off a bit complicated.

Results: to start with regarding whitening. Here, my effect is not very pronounced. The mask clears the complexion, slightly brightens the skin, cleans the pores - but not much noticeably, much more personally I have the effect of peeling with acids. Here, clarification and purification is the same as with all other masks of this manufacturer - it is, but it is more a one-time effect, an express result, when you need to quickly put your skin in order. More globally, my skin does not take lemon.)

Gently cleanses the skin, does not irritate, even if there is inflammation on the face. A little pinch the first few minutes after application, but does not cause redness. The skin is clean, "breathes" after this mask, better absorbs creams and lotions.

Despite the clay in the composition, which usually dries - the mask moisturizes and nourishes the skin well, it's good to use it right now, in winter. It has one peculiarity related to the content of lemon wax - the fine wax wax remains on the skin, creates a protective layer and makes the skin velvety to the touch. Pores do not score! And almost not felt, only when you touch the skin, there is nothing in common with oil films, do not panic.)

Matters the skin for a while after use, but does not affect the overall fat content of the skin, it also zhirnitsya, as usual.

Well, in general, immediately after the mask, the visual effect is not bad - the complexion is leveled, if there is redness in the inflamed areas - it becomes less noticeable, calms down, the pores slightly narrow. Makeup is better on the face, as the skin is cleansed and smoothed.

Composition: water, natural kaolin( porcelain clay), natural floral glycerin, lemon wax, lemon oil, rice bran oil, olive emulsion wax, locust bean gum, natural lactic acid, green preservative, essential oils composition.

Storage: store, like all fresh masks, in the fridge.