Whitening face cream SPF 30 from Natura Siberica

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Since February, even in Siberia, the sun has been looking through and I recently was puzzled by the acquisition of a day cream with SPF.I watched in online stores and pharmacies, but given that I spend almost the entire daylight hours at work in the office, I decided to save money and purchase an inexpensive means of the domestic manufacturer. And in vain, very vain.( ((

And now in order.)

Packing: The only plus of this remedy. The cream is packed in a cardboard box, and the box is also in a sealed polyethylene film. The product itself is in a bottle with a dispenser and a transparent lid,looks decent and neizbito, and done well, the dispenser is working, nothing hangs, not flimsy. "This is the plus, I'll continue to swear."

After coming home with the purchases, the first thing she ran was to unpack and try them, as she was with make-up, andto try a cream very much it would be desirable and пI decided immediately that the cream is a white, rather pleasant texture, not greasy. It is well distributed and does not bleach, although manymeans with SPF this sin, but - it smells very strong! Not that it is unpleasant, with sweet and sour berries, on ta-ah-ak much! Moreover, the smell does not erode after application, my hands smelled of fetid berries and after two hours andeven going to bed, after washing with soap, I felt bothersome withadky smell.

Here I have crept suspicions that the skin on my face will not like it. But you never know, does not understand the first time, it happens. She put it on the next morning before the make-up and went to work. The smell was felt for 1.5 hours, then it was either used, or it all disappeared. I bow to the first option. But this is not the worst.

The face at times a little itchy, I have it from silicone or fatty textures. Even more unpleasant. The next day, he did not want to use it any more.

But I just do not give up! A few days later I got ready with spirit and tried again. With the smell almost resigned, the face almost did not itch. And in the evening I was waiting for a surprise - three pimples on my chin.( I did not have this with. .. Yes, I do not remember at all that I had it! It was decided to stop experiments.)


Water, cococaprylate, ethylhexyl methoxycinamide, hydrobenzylhexyl benzoate, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucosides, glyceryl stearate, Arctic cloudberry extract, Siberian ginseng extract, cladonia snow extract, glycerin, turmeric root extract, stearol sodium glutamate, vitamin E, bisabolol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, xanthane, extract toedrine, cedar oil esters, citric acid, perfume, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ethyl hexiglycerin, Cl 15985, Cl 19140.

Yes, I understand that this can be an individual skin reaction and to someone it canBut with the smell coming down with feet, I guess there will not be such a lot of people, anyway, if I could find a tip about this before I bought it, I would not risk it and found 400 rubles better( andthis is lucky to me, on the Internet this cream and for 600 rublesnd sell).And still pimples still can not withdraw.( ((

Now she smeared her hand - it itches.( ((Washed with soap - still smells of berries.)

In general, I do not recommend. And where am I going to put it now, mindI will not put it, I do not want to smear on my arms and legs.